Sermon Series

Grown-Up Faith

Date: 2/27/2022 - 4/3/2022

Grown-Up Faith

How did you picture being an adult when you were a kid? Chances are, your views changed as you grew up and experienced more of life. Growing spiritually can be the same way. So how do we build a wise, mature faith that actually “works” in real life? Join us for Grown-Up Faith: What Spiritual Maturity Really Looks Like, a series about taking intentional steps toward spiritual adulthood.

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Sermons From This Series

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Reconstructing Faith

Date: March 06, 2022

Speaker: Greg Holmes, Pastor of the Arts and Cultural Engagement

How do you build (or rebuild) faith when you're discouraged, distracted, or disillusioned? Jesus' answer is simple, but profound: you handle it with care. Do...

Starting Fresh

Date: February 27, 2022

Speaker: Ryan Leak, Teaching Pastor

Feeling stuck or "done" in your faith journey? No matter where you’re coming from, the real secret to moving forward might be…to go back. Join us as Ryan kic...

Praying in Faith

Date: March 13, 2022

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor

Prayer can be intimidating…and confusing. It’s easy to wonder if we’re doing it right or if it’s working. Join Jeff as he helps us pray with fresh confidence...

God's Dreams Are Better Than Our Dreams

Date: March 20, 2022

Speaker: Ryan Leak, Teaching Pastor

Ready to trade up? Join us as Ryan shares how to build our lives around three things that have the power to transform our dreams and our faith.

Authentic Faith When Life Disappoints

Date: March 27, 2022

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor

Sure, faith is easy when life is going well. But what’s it look like when life is difficult and even heartbreaking? Don’t miss the next message in Grown-Up F...

Is Doubting Ok?

Date: April 03, 2022

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor

Spoiler alert…doubt is not incompatible with faith. God welcomes our questioning, and He does so with compassion and understanding. Don’t miss the final mess...