uganda-2017-1-1Below is an extract from an email received from our partners, Timothy and Janepher Kakooza, who are responsible for Winners School in Katosi on the shores of Lake Victoria and for Chosen Generation School in Mbale Village (about 5 kilometers from Katosi).

“I used to think you had to be special for God to use you, but now I know you simply need to say yes and leave the rest with Him. God has been so faithful to allow our ministry to share the gospel and reach out to 674 hurting, vulnerable, and orphaned children by providing food, accommodation, healthcare, and education. Many of these children are fully boarding and a lot of them do not have a home to go to, even in the holiday times.”

The Chosen Generation School, Mbale is located in southern Uganda. Timothy is the head of the Christian Schools Association, which represents a large group of both secondary and primary schools. The association has a strategy to transform the nation with Christian values.“We are also influencing other schools through the Union of Christian Colleges and Schools.”

Chase Oaks Church Uganda Mission - Chosen Generation School, Mbale“The Mbale school has continued to improve, bringing a positive impact to the village. We are believing God for total transformation. Another class has been added this year, and we have constructed two more classrooms, which are ready for roofing. The borehole is serving both the school and the community and is a big contribution to the community. Not only that but we are continuing to instill Christian values in the children. The Children’s Pastor at the school is doing a great job. Our theme this year is ‘More of Jesus.’

It is your prayers, love, and partnership that God has used to help make all of this possible. With every gift, you are right there with us sharing Christ and loving people through the different programs. We just wanted you to know how much we count on you as we continue with this vital ministry. Thank you!” -Timothy and Janepher Kakooza

This video shows the new well installed at the school. The well is in great demand both in the school and in the community. To provide the needed funds for the well, Chase Oaks increased our funding to $26,000 this year.

This is all made possible through the generosity here at Chase Oaks, Help support this mission, visit the Global Outreach Fund.