It’s always easier to put anything off until we feel more equipped or better prepared for something. This can even be true in our walk with God. A lot of us believe that God won’t use us until we’re more spiritually mature or in a different life stage. Oftentimes, we don’t feel good enough for God.

Why do we feel like we’re never good enough for God where we’re at right now? There’s always going to be one more goal to achieve or one more thing you want to be before you feel ready or even equipped to be used by God.

The truth is that all of these are not true when it comes to how God can use us! Here are three reasons why we’re good enough for God right now!

God uses our current season of life.

Think about where you are right now in life. Are you a student, a working professional, a mom, a parent, or a grandparent? The great part about where you are in life is that God uses us in all seasons of life! That means that wherever you are right now, you are still good enough for God to move through you.

Oftentimes, I feel we are not content with our current situations and that prevents us from feeling worthy for God to move through us. But there is no perfect season to be ready for what He has planned for us.

That’s why it’s so important to be content in the season you’re in so that you can utilize this time God has given you. What you are able to do right now might not be possible for you in another season. We each have sweet opportunities with God whether we’re young or old!

Maybe, for a mom, it is impacting the lives of her kids and their friends and neighbors. For a working professional, it may mean being the light in their workplace. Perhaps as a student, it looks like bringing someone you know to your small group and just investing in them as a friend. So, don’t let your current season of life prevent you from letting God work in and through your life.

God uses our current relationship status. 

This is a big one! Society has made marriage or even just being in a relationship some kind of “level up” in life! Culture proclaims that you’re not whole or complete until you’re married. How crazy is that? Because this has been at the forefront of our priorities, oftentimes, we don’t think God can use us in our singleness or even in our widowhood.

The truth is God loves us and can use us no matter what our relationship status is. Single? Great! Our singleness is our alone time with God. He loves this sweet intimate time where we are solely devoted to Him. This is because our priorities and attention aren’t divided. Don’t believe the lies that culture tells us that we’re not good enough or we’re not fully complete until we have a spouse because God uses our singleness to work in us and through us!

If you’re married, God can use you in some big ways, too! Marriage was created to be an image of how Christ loves the church, so what a wonderful way to let God work through you! While it can be hard to prioritize Him at times when there are now two schedules to manage (and possibly more if you have kids), there are still ways God wants to use you right now.

God created marriage for a reason! And He loves to see us married and sacrificially loving each other. Marriage can be a wonderful representation of how God loves us even in the hard times. We know marriage isn’t easy, but God can use any situation for His glory.

God uses our current relationship with Him.

Finally, this one seems the trickiest to grasp. It’s easy for each of us to believe the lie that we have to have this fabulous, deep relationship with God for Him to move in our lives. While God certainly desires a close relationship with us, He is eager to move and work within us no matter where we are on our journey. The Bible is full of stories like that.

God is for all people no matter where they stand with Him. He loves each and every one of us. So, it doesn’t matter where you are on your walk with God or if you even consider yourself a Christ-follower. God invites all of us into a relationship with Him and an adventure of allowing His great power to work in and through us.

Isn’t this incredible news? No matter what season of life we’re in, what our relationship status is, or what our relationship with God looks like, we are incredibly loved and can be reassured that God will still work in our lives however He seems fit!

Join us for our next series, Ordinary Heroes, where we’ll discover that God uses imperfect, ordinary people like us to break negative cycles in our culture, in our families, and in each other’s lives.