According to the Today show, putting up Christmas decorations can make you happier. When we see Christmas trees and lights go up, there is a boost in our mood, making us more likely to experience joy and peace throughout the holiday season.

A Brief History of Christmas Lights

Christmas lights began as flickering candles on Christmas trees and in the windows of people’s homes in the 18th century. The candles represented the light of Jesus. Displaying candles in windows was how Christians would recognize each other during the holiday season. The candle let other Christians know that this house was a place where they could celebrate and worship together.

However, candles were becoming a fire hazard, creating a need for a new type of light. In 1882, Edward Johnson, a friend and partner of light-bulb inventor Thomas Edison, had an idea of replacing candles with a string of colored electric lights. He put together eight bulbs on one string, which impressed spectators as they saw red, white, and blue lights on the tree.

By the 1920s, electric lights were accessible and cheap for the average consumer. Pretty quickly, many homes would decorate with Christmas lights and dazzle people with their Christmas displays.

Three Local Christmas Lights Displays

This Advent season, take the time to slow down and enjoy Christmas lights with your family. It might help your family find joy and peace during a season that can be stressful for many of us. As you look at the Christmas lights, talk about their history and their meaning. Let them be a reminder of what this season is about—celebrating the Light of the world who came to bring us hope, peace, joy, and love.

Here are some local neighborhoods that have incredible displays of Christmas lights.


One of the best neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights is Deerfield in Plano, TX. Many homeowners choose to decorate around different themes such as Dr. Seuss and Disney Christmas. Some houses synchronize their Christmas lights to music, bringing their decorations to life.

As you drive through the neighborhood, you can use your smartphone to vote for houses in the following categories: Best Overall, Most Traditional, Children’s Favorite, and Funniest. To get you in the festive mood, bring some hot chocolate and a sweet snack.

Deerfield is located in Northwest Plano between Preston Road and Coit Road. According to the Deerfield Homeowners Association, you may view holiday lights from December 1-30, from 7:00-10:00 p.m. To look at the lights, you may drive through the neighborhood, park and walk through the neighborhood, or reserve a carriage to ride through the neighborhood.

Lake Highlands and Highland Park

Dallas has some great holiday traditions, including displaying amazing Christmas lights in their neighborhoods: Lake Highlands and Highland Park.

Part of the Oak Highlands Estates subdivision of Lake Highlands, Timberhollow Circle is a great place to look at Christmas lights. The Christmas displays are part of a tradition that started with homeowners 22 years ago. On Timberhollow Circle, you will find each home decorated with exquisite Christmas lights and decorations that represent the 12 days of Christmas. The entrance is located one block south of Royal Lane off Abrams Road on Moss Haven Drive. The lights stay on from dusk until 9:00 p.m. through the end of December.

Another great Dallas neighborhood to visit this holiday season is Highland Park. You will see immaculate homes completely decked out with Christmas decorations. Touring the beautiful lights in Highland Park has been a holiday tradition for many years. You can drive through the neighborhood beginning at Armstrong Parkway and Preston or take a carriage ride with your family.

Village of El Dorado

The Village of El Dorado in McKinney, TX, coordinates their Christmas lights display to bring joy to all people throughout the holiday season. Some streets are lined with decorations around a particular theme such as Christmas songs, cartoon characters, and nativity scenes. The lights are displayed through December 30. You can begin your journey at Carriage Trail.

For more local neighborhoods and celebrations where you can find amazing displays of Christmas lights, check out 2018 Best Christmas and Holiday Light Displays in Collin County.

Stay tuned to our website and blog for more family-friendly activities you can do this Advent season. As you plan your holiday season, check out our Christmas Eve services. We would love to have you and your family and friends join us to celebrate this special season!