7 Ways To Celebrate the End of Summer With Others

Posted by John Stanley, External Ministries Pastor, on Aug 06, 2021

7 Ways To Celebrate the End of Summer With Others

Class schedules are out, school supplies are ready to go...but it’s likely that you know a few people who aren’t quite ready for summer break to end. Whether everyone’s hoping for one last summer’s “hurrah” or planning ahead for Labor Day, look below for seven fun ways to meet or reconnect with neighbors and classmates. Get ready to be the hero of the block.

1. Invite neighborhood kids to a group outing.

Set a movie date for your kids and any neighbor friends that they would like to meet. Invite the parents to join or give them a few hours of kid-free time. Check out your local movie theater for private movie showing options. If you are in the Murphy/Wylie/Sachse community, see what's showing at  B&B Theatres. If you are in Richardson, Plano, Allen, or McKinney, consider some options at AMC, Cinemark , or Studio Movie Grill.

Already watched the latest family movies this summer? Head to the Dallas Arboretum instead for their annual August Dollar Days, in which general admission is discounted to $2 per person for the entire month of August. Look here for more ongoing activities and events.

2. Host a party for your kids’ classmates.

Think game night, a picnic in the backyard, or movie day/night in the coolness of your own home. It’s a great way to get kids ready for school and welcome any new classmates in the process. Give parents the option of coming over and hanging with you, too—you may be able to figure out carpooling or ongoing meetups for the school year in the process!

3. Invite pool-less families to your pool.

I haven’t experienced what it’s like to have a swimming pool in my backyard. But I can remember thinking a few times how it would be very “cool” if one of our neighbors or friends invited us over to their home to enjoy theirs! If you’ve got a watery oasis waiting right outside your back door, think about sharing it with a family that doesn’t. Just make sure everyone is up-to-date on water safety protocols before they come!

4. Have a cookout or cook-in.

We all know people who can withstand the heat to cook up something delicious on the grill (or we can smell the enticing aroma created by people who do)! If that’s you, invite a neighboring family to join you. If you’re more of an indoor chef, cook something easy or even order out a meal to pick up or have delivered. Really, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Food and fun go together!

5. Give away free drinks.

Pick an evening, any evening, around the time people start arriving home from work. Fill a cooler or two with cold, tasty beverages. Sit under the big tree in the front yard with signage that reads something like, “Free beverages for our neighbors!” You can add several empty, welcoming lawn chairs and see what happens. At worst, people will see you as a hospitable neighbor just for putting together an updated take on a “free lemonade” stand. At best, you’ll refresh some people (and maybe yourselves, too) as you make or revive some neighborly connections.

6. Invite families to join your kids at KIDS CO. 

A new school year means new schedules and rhythms. It's a great time to invite family and friends to join you at church for KIDS CO., our newly updated ministry for kids. Find more information here

7. Look for tall grass.

This one is probably not as glamorous or kid friendly as some of the options above, but many people don’t have a lawn service that mows weekly. Are neighbors ill, or just not in a position to take care of their lawn? Whatever the reason or motivation, mowing a neighbor’s grass is a practical way to reach out before summer’s out. While you’re at it, are there other ways your kids can help classmates and neighboring kids in need? We all could use the reminder to serve others, even when life gets busy.

In the end, any efforts you make to celebrate the end of summer will be appreciated. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple invitation for our neighbors to realize we care for them and want build connections that last throughout the year.

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