Nuevo Laredo Mission Trip

By , Contributing Writer| December 22nd, 2016|

Mission trips can take on so many different forms with a wide myriad of goals based on the needs of the destination.  Within the past few months, we saw a group go to Louisiana to help clear out the flood ravaged homes of residents.  Sometimes they take on health concerns in disease-ravaged areas; other times [...]

Encounter: A World in Need

By , Contributing Writer| November 4th, 2016|

Though we all know from the words of Jesus Himself (and of course through our own experience) that this world is fallen and in need, and that it is constantly struggling and crying out, it is still a struggle to come to grips with the stark reality of seeing lives shattered. In what is beginning [...]

The Power of a Mentor

By , Contributing Writer| September 3rd, 2016|

“I almost talked myself out of it.  But something inside me told me to give it a try.  I’m so thankful I did!  I love my lunch buddy!  He talked my ear off every week!  Ha ha!  Bless his heart, he has a really hard life.  He really just needs someone to talk to; someone [...]

Serving the CITY in Our City

By , Contributing Writer| July 22nd, 2016|

This past April/May was an amazing time during the Chase Oaks “Make A Difference 2gether” campaign, where everyone was asked to give $22 dollars, 2 bags of groceries, and 2 hours of service time (with most people giving far more of their time than that) at a variety of community projects.  One of those projects [...]