There are so many needs in our community and so many great opportunities to get involved. Chase Oaks Church has developed numerous partnerships with organizations that are doing great work in our community and making a difference in people’s lives. We are partnering with schools, food banks, resource centers, and city governments as well as programs that help single moms, struggling families, and at-risk children and youth. Our 2gether campaigns offer easy opportunities for anyone to get involved.

So, whether you are part of Chase Oaks Church or not, please join us. We can make a difference if we all work 2gether!

Make a Difference 2gether
2gether for Kids
Celebrate 2gether

Each spring we set aside an entire month to make a difference 2gether. We offer numerous opportunities to get involved through volunteering at community organizations as well as making food and financial donations. (100% of the food and financial donations made to our 2gether campaigns go directly to community partners.) Let’s Make a Difference 2gether!

Back-to-school season is all about kids at Chase Oaks Church. We offer numerous opportunities to invest in the lives of children and support the organizations and institutions that are supporting our kids. Let’s work 2gether for Kids!

When Jesus was here, He demonstrated that He had a special place in His heart for anyone who was struggling in life—struggling physically, struggling financially, struggling in numerous other ways.

So, during the Christmas season, Chase Oaks Church strives to honor Jesus by loving as He did. Instead of focusing our attention on ourselves, we create opportunities for each of us to focus our attention on others.

There are many ways to make a difference during the Christmas season. Let’s Celebrate Jesus, 2gether!