Kicking Off Summer with Woodbridge Student Ministry

By , Contributing Writer| June 30th, 2019|

Last weekend, the Woodbridge Student Ministry kicked off summer with a grand opening of their new (and amazing!) student space. Their new space creates a fun, engaging, and inviting environment that allows students to find connection and community, to be transformed, and to make a difference. Finding Connection and Community Woodbridge Student Ministry had 70+ students [...]

Seven Firework Displays to Celebrate the Fourth of July

By , Contributing Writer| June 26th, 2019|

Fourth of July events and firework displays are great opportunities for you to invite your neighbors! Bring extra blankets and chairs and invite the family next door to enjoy one of the best firework displays in town. If you want to make a day out of it, look for celebrations that have special events prior [...]

How We Can Be a Light in Our Community

By , Contributing Writer| June 25th, 2019|

We are called to make a difference in our world and be a light in our community by meeting the deepest needs of those around the world and those next door. At Chase Oaks, we believe we should glow in the dark. We move into hopelessness, need, and injustice with the redeeming power of Jesus [...]

Journeys of Paul: Experiencing the Bible in a Fresh Way

By , Contributing Writer| June 23rd, 2019|

As Christ-followers, we are encouraged to read our Bibles and attend Bible studies and book clubs to learn more about God. But what if there was a way to experience the Bible in a new way? What if there was an opportunity to personally connect with God on a deeper level? In the fall of [...]

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Making a Difference in Our Local Schools

By , Contributing Writer| June 18th, 2019|

Love Does The Unexpected is about spreading love throughout our community and making a difference right where we are. Chase Oaker Jorie Judisch received a routine voicemail about lunch accounts from PISD, where her children attend school. But rather than just deleting the voicemail and moving on with her weekly routine, Jorie decided to learn [...]

4 Life Lessons I Learned From Dad

By , Contributing Writer| June 15th, 2019|

Dad, Stepdad, Grandpa, Daddy, Pops, Abba, the old man...whatever you call him, we all got one, even Jesus. We all strive and can benefit from a male role model. Dad does not have to be our biological father. He can be a coach, a male mentor, a teacher—whoever provides nurturing for you and teaches you [...]