Where no one dines “alike” every fifth weekend of the month.


Thanksgiving Virtual Unity Table

Sunday, November 29, 4:00-5:30 PM

You're invited to Thanksgiving Virtual Unity Table, a one-time virtual event that will be a great opportunity to dine with someone who does not look like you virtually, discuss, ask and answer questions, and get to know people that are a little different than you. Limited space available, so sign-up below!

The Unity Table is a safe place to gather with people who don’t look like you. Questions will be asked, lessons will be learned, and perspectives will be broadened as we appreciate the special ways that God has created each of us.

5 Simple Steps to Doing a Unity Table
  • Invite someone who looks different than you to a meal or a virtual meeting meal (such as Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype, etc.). Consider people at church, in your neighborhood, jobs, gyms, etc.
  • Set the time, location, and duration (between 1-2 hours) of the gathering.
  • Consider this Quick Start Guide to navigate your first conversation.
  • Take a picture to commemorate your first Unity Table gathering and post it to your social media using the hashtag, #unitytable.
  • Commit to growing your new friendships.


To learn more about the Unity Table and to find really great, detailed resources to host your own Unity Table (including video curriculum, how-to guide, and questions), click below.