Through education, family care, and clean water, Chase Oaks Church is providing tangible love to rural Uganda. Please continue reading to learn more about Chase Oaks’ work in Uganda and consider donating to our Global Fund, which supports this important work.

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Our work in Uganda is part of the broader Chase Oaks Church/Bright Hope World Africa engagement. Through Bright Hope World, we have developed a key partnership with Pastor Timothy Kakooza and his work in the rural village of Mbale. There are 176 homes in Mbale and well over 600 children. The village is quite poor, leaving the children vulnerable to illness and with little hope of a brighter future. Until recently, Mbale had no school, store, medical clinic, road, drinkable water, or plan for community development. The women had to walk some distance to a lake to collect polluted water. The children had to walk three miles to school. Most children just didn’t go.

Now, Chase Oaks Church is partnering with Pastor Kakooza to come around the people of Mbale in tangible ways. We help support the newly constructed “The Chosen Generation School” in Mbale by providing teacher salaries, school supplies and books, as well as a Children’s Pastor to work with the children and their families. We have also provided funding for a fresh-water drinking well within the village.