Rebranding Christianity

September 2023

When you think of a brand, whether it’s a restaurant, product, or even a person, there are things that come to mind. A brand identifier. Jesus told us that when people are to think of us, his followers, there is something he wants us to be known for: radical love. Unfortunately, love isn’t what Christians are known for today. A course correction is needed. Join us for this important sermon series Rebranding Christianity, where we’ll talk about how to recapture our brand identity and mission—as a movement of radical love—so that we can once again be an irresistible force for good.

Messages In This Series

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A New Community

Sep 24 2023

Navigating Tension

Oct 08 2023

Be the Brand

Oct 01 2023

Mission Drift

Sep 17 2023

The Jesus Brand

Sep 10 2023