Sermon Series

The Secret Sauce

Date: 8/9/2020 - 9/6/2020

The Secret Sauce

Join us for “The Secret Sauce”, a sermon series that examines the key ingredients to all healthy relationships. Whether it is dealing with conflict or learning how to take friendships deeper, the Bible has a lot to teach us about how to navigate our interactions with others.

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Sermons From This Series

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Going Deeper

Relationships are hard. Connections don’t just happen, and they require work to develop. The great news is that they can be developed, and we can grow our sk...

The Unity Table

The simple practice of breaking bread and eating together at the same table builds empathy and connection. That table fellowship was not only a committed pra...

How to Be There

We all know how easy it is for friends to show up when times are good. But, all of us need people in our lives that show up and who are there for us when tim...

Say The Hard Thing

We all have blind spots in our lives that are obvious to others but not so much to us. And we need others to love us enough to speak truth into our lives, an...

Navigating Conflict

Conflict with the people we love is hard; but it’s the presence of conflict that allows our relationships to grow. Jesus tells us that we will have conflict ...