God has wired each of us to find joy and fulfillment through serving others. We all need to be serving someone somewhere, making a difference somehow. God has given you skills, abilities, and passions in order to help others along their journey. You are invited to join a Chase Oaks team so that you can serve together with others. A Partner Team is a group of people committed to link arms with local organizations that are doing great work in our community. Find a team that is right for you.



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Family Center

Our Chase Oaks Family Center serves our community by offering a safe place for individuals to experience education and personal transformation. We offer different proficiency levels of ESL training, including basic, intermediate, advanced and conversational. We also offer citizenship classes, parenting education and support as well as periodic immunization clinics.

Chinese Ministry

Chinese Ministry at Chase Oaks reaches out to hundreds of UTD (the University of Texas at Dallas) students and Chinese young professionals who are working in the area. The Chinese Ministry seeks to connect them to God and to deepen their relationship with God. There are opportunities for anyone, even non-Mandarin speakers to serve these guests in our country with the potential of developing life-long relationships.

Foster Care

Chase Oaks Church wants to make a difference in the lives of foster families by supporting them through acts of service, support groups, reduced-cost trainings, network connections, and respite. We’d like to see a day when no child must leave Collin County because there’s no local family ready to bring him or her into their home. At Chase Oaks Church, some of us are going to bring children into our homes while many of us are going to find ways to serve and support them.

Neighborhood Lead

Be here for good in your neighborhood by becoming a neighborhood lead. You will have the opportunity to bring your vision for a better neighborhood, bring your neighbors together for good, and bring care and compassion to your community

Blood Drive

Did you know that a single blood donation can help save the lives of up to three people? Chase Oaks is hosting blood drive to make a difference in our community at our campus locations. For times and locations, click on "MORE" button.


Chase Oaks Church is partnering with YMCA to provide support to parents during this season via the YMCA Learning Academy. Y Learning Academy is sure to support your child’s virtual learning and keep them active and engaged during the day.


Global Partners

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Bright Hope World (Egypt)

Egypt, particularly the Cairo area, has some of the poorest of the poor among our global partners. There are more than 20 million people in greater Cairo, trying to survive in an economic environment strained by the vast population and the country’s political instability. Many are day laborers searching for the most basic sustenance needed to support themselves and their families.

The Christian population is a highly persecuted minority in this area, enduring homelessness and a lack of income primarily because of their chosen faith. Chase Oaks Church funds seven different projects in this partnership.

Bright Hope World (Kenya)

One of the oldest and most squalid slum areas in Nairobi is the Mathare Valley. The degree of poverty there is unimaginable. Approximately 600,000 people live in an area of 3 square miles. People live in 6-by-8 foot shanties made of old tin and mud, with an income of less than a dollar per day. Crime and HIV/AIDS are common; many parents die of AIDS and leave their children to fend for themselves. Chase Oaks Church partners with Mathare Community Outreach to support children’s scholarships for school.

Chase Oaks also supports Moriah School of Discipleship, a six-month discipleship program for high school graduates. Before attending university, these students spend their time in a rural area learning to farm. They also develop other life skills as well as habits in Bible study, prayer, fasting and outreach. All return home transformed into more devoted followers of Jesus.

Bright Hope World (Uganda)

The rural village of Mbale has 176 homes and well over 600 children. The village is quite poor, leaving the children vulnerable to illness with little hope of a brighter future. Until recently, Mbale had no school, store, medical clinic, road, drinkable water, or plan for community development. Women had to walk a long distance to a lake just to collect polluted water. The nearest school was 3 miles away, so most children simply didn’t go.

Chase Oaks Church is partnering with the people of Mbale in tangible ways. We help support the newly constructed Chosen Generation School by providing teacher salaries, school supplies and books, as well as a Children’s Pastor to work with the children and their families. We have also provided funding for a fresh water drinking well within the village.

Orphan Outreach (Honduras)

Only 43% of Honduran children enrolled in primary school will complete the 6th grade. An estimated 170,000 children are orphaned, and each year there are nearly 21,000 new cases of children in crisis. Chase Oaks partners with Orphan Outreach in two projects; NiCo, a program providing children with tutoring, mentoring, nutritious meals, counseling, therapy, and Bible study; and the Foster Care Initiative with the Honduran government.

Casa Hogar Elim (Mexico)

Casa Hogar Elim is home to 80+ children ranging from infant to 24 years of age. Through Mama Lupita’s loving example, the children are taught to love God and depend on Him to supply their needs. Chase Oaks Church supports Casa Hogar in two ways:

  • Providing financial support for Thad and Anita Maddox and Gift of Dignity, and
  • Hosting four annual mission trips to Nuevo Laredo to serve the children and staff.

Mission Trips

Due to the pandemic, all of our mission trips have been cancelled. We'll keep you posted when they resume.
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In partnership with Orphan Outreach, Chase Oaks Church is funding two programs in La Paz: the Early Childhood Education Center and NiCo. These two ministries work directly with the public school in La Paz to identify children who are struggling in school. Each child comes to the program three times a week, where they work on school subjects, learn Bible stories, work in small groups, receive a meal, and have one-on-one psychological evaluations. Chase Oaks will work alongside the teachers, bringing biblical lessons, crafts, a carnival, games, and home visits with the parents and families of the children in the programs.


Since 2011, teams of Chase Oakers have traveled to Montego Bay to partner with Mission Discovery and to work alongside the Jamaican School for the Deaf. Over time, we have built a strong relationship with the school and the children, so they recognize us as we arrive. Typically, we do concrete work to build different areas of their campus and lead the Children’s Bible School. Teams also have the opportunity to serve at Blossom Garden Orphanage and Montego Bay’s city orphanage that houses over 70 children.


Casa Hogar is home to 80+ children ranging from infant to 24 years of age. Through Mama Lupita’s loving example, the children are taught to love God and depend on Him to supply their needs. There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved: cooking, cleaning, building, playing, singing, educating, hugging and much more. Some trips include significant construction projects, depending on the needs. We have various dates open, so click the button below to find out more.