Master Classes



Grow in your faith and personal goals this summer through our expert-led Chase Oaks Church Masterclasses. These completely digital, on-demand classes will give you free access to learn key skills in a summer-friendly format. Get more equipped for life with:
  • A framework for better understanding the Bible
  • Tools for more effective parenting
  • A process to uncover your unique gifting and purpose
  • Foundations for faithful financial stewardship
  • The latest strategies for impactful leadership
All Masterclasses are run through an online learning system, with new portions released weekly to be completed at your own pace. These digital classes are free, but some will require a separate book purchase.

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30 Days to Understanding the Bible (6 Weeks)

Let’s make a deal: if you will give this 6-week course 15 minutes a day for 30 days (five days each week), author Max Anders will give you an understanding of the story of the Bible and the key people, events, and geography found within.

Over a half a million people, from beginners to seasoned students, have seen their interaction with the Bible transformed by this helpful and memorable framework. Make this summer the one in which you move from confusion to confidence in connecting with Scripture. (Note: this course requires a separate $9 book purchase.)

21st Century Parenting (5 Weeks)

Raising a child is a tough job. With the world changing as quickly as it is, parenting just seems to get more and more tricky. Through this 5-week course, you’ll learn relevant strategies and tools to help you connect with your child(ren) and enable them to thrive, both in and beyond your home.

Repurposed (4 Weeks)

It’s often been said that the two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. While most of us know that we were created on purpose, for a life of purpose, by a God of purpose, few of us can articulate what our actual purpose is.

Join us for this 4-week course as we guide you through a powerful process designed to discover and name your unique, God-given purpose.

More for Your Money

Learn from two financial experts who will guide you through the ins and outs of how money works over this 5-week class: the essentials of budgeting, financial strategy, debt management, and cash flow. By developing a comprehensive plan for personal finances, you’ll discover that money doesn’t have to be a constant source of stress and worry. Instead, we can all experience peace and purpose as we steward our resources well.

Four Obstacles Every Leader Faces (4 Weeks)

Challenges are a part of leadership, no matter where we lead. And let’s face it: this year has been a challenging one when it comes to leading organizations, others, and even ourselves.

We’ve curated the latest wisdom from some of the most inspiring leaders we know. Join us for this 4-week course to take your leadership to the next level as we learn key strategies for navigating stress, shame, and sticky situations well.