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Turn Your Eyes


About the Album

Living Water is a 10-song CD that represents our journey as a worship team over the past year. As we weathered a global pandemic during this unique time in history, we have felt a deep need for Jesus to refresh and heal us. Like the woman at the well in John 4, we all come broken and in need of Jesus and His living water. The lyrics of the title song “Living Water” proclaim, “He sees me, and He knows me, and yet He loves me/He sees me, and all my failure is met with mercy.” Our prayer is that Jesus’ mercy would meet each of us in our struggles and pursuit of Him.

Seven of these tracks feature original songs as well as songs that have impacted our Chase Oaks community over the last year. We’ve also included three bonus acoustic tracks on the CD that will not be released digitally. This collaboration of all of our Chase Oaks worship leaders celebrates our unity across our multiple campuses.

©2022 Chase Oaks Worship


  1. Hands to the Heavens
  2. You Are
  3. Ver La Victoria (See a Victory)
  4. Living Water
  5. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  6. Jireh
  7. Better
  8. Hands to the Heavens (Acoustic)
  9. Living Water (Acoustic)
  10. Better (Acoustic)
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