Chase Oaks Church is working to bring hope and a bright future among the very poor near Nairobi, Kenya. Please continue reading and find out more about what we are doing in Kenya and consider donating to the Chase Oaks Global Fund, which supports this important work.

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Chase Oaks began working with churches and schools in the slums around Nairobi in 2012. One of the oldest and worst slum areas in Nairobi is the Mathare Valley. The degree of poverty there is unimaginable. People live in 6 ft. x 8 ft. shanties made of old tin and mud. There are no beds, no electricity, and no running water. People sleep on pieces of cardboard on the dirt floors of the shanties. There are public toilets shared by up to 100 people and residents have to pay to use them. Those who cannot afford to pay must use the alleys and ditches between the shanties. “Flying toilets” are plastic bags used by the residents at night, then thrown into the Nairobi River, which is the source of the residents’ water supply.

Approximately 600,000 people live in an area of three square miles. Most live on an income of less than a dollar per day. Crime and HIV/AIDS are common. Many parents die of AIDS and leave their children to fend for themselves.

Bright Hope World and Chase Oaks Church partner with Mathare Community Outreach (MCO), a church that has already built and is running two schools in the slum. MCO is doing great work caring for children and meeting needs of the poorest of the poor, but the resources of MCO are limited.

Chase Oaks Church is proud to partner with Mathare Community Outreach and help them be even more effective as they care for those who are in desperate need.