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Will Heaven Be Boring?

Discuss Together

  • When you hear the word “paradise” what image or place comes to mind? What is paradise for you?
  • Read Romans 8:18-25. How is the world frustrated right now? How have you personally experienced this frustration over the last week?
  • Jeff shared how creation is waiting for God to fully redeem, restore, and renew everything as it was meant to be and reverse the curse. He said, “Heaven is a re-made earth, life as it was originally meant to be—only better!” Is this concept of Heaven different than what you have thought? Is it a more compelling view for you?
  • If Heaven isn’t about floating around on the clouds with a harp, what do you think it will be like? What do you think people who get there will do for eternity?
  • Jeff talked about how Heaven won’t be the same for everyone and that we will be rewarded then for what we do now (see Matthew 5:11-12 and Matthew 6:19-20). Have you thought about this before? What does it mean to be rewarded in Heaven?
  • Read Romans 8:38-39. Jeff said we can have 100% assurance of our salvation once we trust in Jesus, no matter how we struggle or sin. However, many of us struggle to believe that. Do you believe that type of assurance is possible? What makes this a difficult thought to wrap our minds around?
  • How does the idea of Heaven change the way you live right now? What fresh perspective does it give you as you go about your week?

Next Steps

There are different disciplines that God uses to encourage and transform us as we live in a broken world is the habit of prayer. Prayer is a chance to ask God for His kingdom to come on Earth as it is in Heaven. Take a moment today (and throughout the week) to pray that God would bring Heaven to Earth. Ask God to use you in what He is doing right now—redeeming and restoring the darkness with His light 

and goodness.

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