Transforming Grace

November 2020

Discuss Together

  • Cindy shared about a “Zoom fail” moment where she didn’t realize the camera was on. Have you had a “Zoom fail” type of moment recently? Share with the group.

  • Read John 4:3-8. When Jesus approached the Samaritan woman, what barriers or different cultural norms did He have to push past in order to interact with her?

  • Have you ever interacted with someone who went out of his or her way and perhaps crossed some cultural barriers to make a connection with you? What happened and why was it significant to you?

  • Read John 4:9-18. What does Jesus mean when He talks about living water? Have you experienced God’s living water in your life? How?

  • Cindy shared how all of us have a “husband” issue—something that we go to for meaning and satisfaction other than Jesus. What are some things in your life that you’re tempted to go to for meaning and satisfaction other than God? Are these things inherently bad or are they good things that are easy to twist up into something unhealthy?

  • What would it look like for you to intentionally look to Jesus for meaning and satisfaction this week? Are there any steps you need to take or counselors/wise people you need to consult in order to move forward?

  • Read John 4:28-30. What do you think compelled this woman who was isolated and ostracized at the beginning of the story to go and share about Jesus? Put yourself in her shoes.

  • Think about your circle of influence. Who do you think is feeling disconnected or isolated? How can you reach out to them to show God’s transforming grace and love in a tangible way?


Cindy shared about the impact a counselor has had on her life and perspective. Do you feel like you could use some structured help and guidance? Go to to find out about Chase Oaks’ counseling network, resources, and care groups.