The Jesus Way

October 2020

Discuss Together

  • How accurate is the picture most people have of Jesus in our culture today compared to the Jesus who actually existed in history? What do you think has become most distorted?

  • If you were to be honest, in what part of your life do you most like to be right? Is it in a relationship? Is it about political views? Is it about work or a particular subject?

  • How have you seen an obsession with being right or winning hurt a relationship?

  • Read John 13:34. What makes this a new command? What does it mean to love others the way Jesus loves us? Get specific.

  • Who do you find particularly hard to love? Why?

  • Read Philippians 2:6. What did Jesus lay down in order to love us? Why is this significant?

  • What’s one thing you need to lay down (your pride, jealousy, political views, bias, comfort zone, being right somewhere, etc.) in order to build up an important relationship? Share with the group.

  • What is one thing you can do to love an “enemy” in your life—someone or a group of people with whom you strongly disagree?


Loving like Jesus means moving past our preferences and comfort zones to build up others, including those with whom we strongly disagree. Make a plan to love in a thoughtful and intentional way this week. Maybe it is baking cookies for a neighbor who has a sign in their yard for another political party, writing an apology, or starting a conversation with a difficult person at work.