Sound Thinking

September 2021


  • Have you ever been confidently wrong about something? Maybe it involved knowing how to get somewhere, fix or cook something, or anything where you thought you were right and later discovered you were wrong.

  • In Titus 1, Paul writes about what Titus should look for in potential elders—overseers of the church. He highlights one particular characteristic in response to a problem this church was facing. Read about it together in Titus 1:9-16.
    • What does it mean to have sound doctrine?
    • How do you personally go about evaluating whether a belief is sound or unsound? What have you learned?
    • Titus was facing a situation where a group of people were confidently wrong about something, and it was causing a lot of damage–it was disrupting households and ripping the church apart. Have you personally experienced something similar, where disagreements over perspectives and unsound thinking caused a lot of damage in your family or your life? How did it personally impact you?

  • Jeff shared, “The core truth we hold to is grace, and grace is truth. You can’t have truth without grace, and you can’t have grace without truth.” What does it mean that you need truth to have grace, and grace to have truth?

  • In our culture today, a lot of people think Christians are jerks and don’t think of grace when they think of us. Why do you think this is the case? Do you think this criticism is fair?

  • What have you learned about modeling Jesus’ grace and truth during all the divisiveness, fear, and chaos of the pandemic? Where do you think you’ve been sound? Where are some areas you might have missed the target?

  • How can you go about making the way you think more sound? Is there anything you feel convicted on to change?

Next Steps

One way to avoid being confidently wrong is to be in community. In your group, invite each other to be honest, to give each other feedback, and to help one another process decisions. Pray together for wisdom as you look to give up your freedom for the sake of Christ.