Radical Acceptance

November 2020

Discuss Together

  • Describe a time where you felt really out of place or out of your element. Where were you and what made you feel this way?

  • In our culture, it’s easy to judge people (and decide whether we will love people) based on their history, wealth, crowd, or performance. Have you ever felt unaccepted or unloved based on any of those areas? How?

  • Read Luke 19:1-10. What are the ways Jesus goes about communicating and demonstrating acceptance to Zacchaeus? What push back did Jesus face?

  • Sometimes we can unintentionally make people feel unaccepted or excluded. What have you learned about creating spaces where people feel included and welcomed?

  • Jesus’ acceptance of Zacchaeus was controversial. Why is acceptance often controversial? What have you experienced?

  • What does it look like to accept someone you disagree with while not compromising truth?

  • Can you think of a time where someone radically accepted you? How did their acceptance create space to help you grow?

  • Who do you find difficult to accept? Do you find yourself tying accepting or loving this person or people based on their history, wealth, crowd, or performance? What is one way you can take a step towards accepting this person or group of people.


As we enter into the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas, think of a few people you can show radical acceptance and inclusivity. What can you and/or your group do to show God’s love to people who are different than you. It could be including them in a holiday meal, dropping gifts off at a doorstep, sending a card or a text, or meeting a financial need.