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  • Describe a time where you received outstanding, above and beyond service. What made it stand out?

  • Jeff shared, “There is this meter built into us in relationships where we internally measure how well-served we are. In our key relationships, something in our brain keeps a scorecard.” What do you think are some common ways we keep score in relationships? What does this look like?

  • Read John 13:1-17. What would be the equivalent of washing feet in our culture today that would have been shocking to see Jesus, the Son of God, do for others?

  • Where is it easy for you to have an “out-serve the other” mindset? Where is it difficult? What makes it challenging?

  • Should there ever be boundaries in how much we serve someone else? Is it ever appropriate to keep score in a relationship? What have you learned?

  • Who is someone you’ve known that did a great job of quietly out-serving others? How did the way they live impact those around them?

  • Is there a specific relationship where you feel like you’ve been keeping a scorecard? How can you out-serve that person this week?


Outside of the Christian community, and sometimes within it, serving will often feel one-sided. But when we serve others in a Jesus-loving way it can throw people off, and they may ask, “Why are you doing this for me?” Think of a way you can shock others through radical service. Brainstorm as a group—with your friends or family—a way you can take your serve quotient up to the “love like Jesus” level this week.

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