How to Pray Like Jesus

December 2018

Start Up

This is the last group discussion guide for the season. We’ll break through Christmas and then start up again with our “Happy Place” series in January, where we’ll have free discussion workbooks to go through together. For this last discussion, let’s reflect back on the season.

  • What is one great memory you have from our time together as a group during the fall?
  • What is one way you grew as a result of our group this fall?
  • What is one word you would use to describe your fall season personally? Why did you pick that word? Share with the group.
  • Who is one person in our group that you saw do something cool, share something big, or take a great step that was encouraging to you?

Pray Together

In this week’s message, Jeff guided us through Luke 11:1-4, where Jesus instructs us on how to pray. Read through this passage together. Share any thoughts, observations, or what stood out to you.

Then, take an extended time to pray, using the pattern Jesus gave us in this passage. Jeff shared how prayer starts with God and then moves to us. So, start with God and then shift to the personal needs of everyone in the group.


  • His Person (“Hallowed Be Your Name”): Take time to pray as a group, praising God for His character, goodness, faithfulness, and holiness.
  • His Program (“Your Kingdom Come”):  Re-orient your life around God’s purposes. Ask that His agenda would be your agenda.


  • Our Provision (“Give Us Each Day Our Daily Bread”): Take time to recognize your daily dependence on God. And lift up your requests for His provision today.
  • Our Personal Relationships (“Forgive Us Our Sins, For We Also Forgive Everyone Who Sins Against Us”): Confess your sins to God. And ask God to help you forgive others in the same way that He forgives us.
  • Our Protection (“And Lead Us Not Into Temptation”): Ask God to be gracious and steer you away from temptation. Ask for His protection against the evil one.

Take Away

Make sure everyone knows when the group is restarting. Encourage each other to invite new people to do Happy Place with your group and be sure to grab a discussion guide at church, which will be available the first two weekends of January.