Girl Power

March 2020

Start Up

The Book of Judges is a story of how God uses flawed people to bring hope and salvation in desperate times. But just because He uses ordinary people doesn’t mean everyone ends up playing a part. We must be willing to show up.
  • In honor of International Women’s Day, which is March 8, 2020, who is a woman in your life who has inspired you with her “girl power,” wisdom, and faithfulness?
  • What is one thing that stuck with you from Jeff’s message?

Discuss Together

Read Judges 4:1-10.
  • Jeff talked about how there is a consistent cycle in the book of Judges. Share what you remember about this cycle and how it shows up in this passage.
  • To help His people, God raised up Deborah to be both the prophet and the leader of Israel. This can raise the question of how the Bible talks about women and leadership. In your experience with church, what views have you come across on how women can use their gifts and lead? How has your experience impacted you and your view?
  • Jeff shared Chase Oaks’ view that the role of Elder is reserved for men (though if they are married their wives participate as well), and that any other role is open to both men and women underneath their leadership. He also shared our DNA statement, We Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, and that good Christ-followers can disagree about this. Does this view surprise you, encourage you, discourage you, or raise up any questions? Talk about it together (respectfully).
God, through Deborah, asks Barak and the tribes of Israel to take a crazy bold step. Some volunteered willingly. Others stayed behind. After they achieve victory, Deborah calls out those who didn’t take the step. Read about it in Judges 5:15-18.
  • Can you think of a time where you felt God calling you to take a crazy bold step, even in the face of tough odds? Share with the group and how you responded to God’s call.
  • What do you think kept some people from joining in? Were their fears irrational? What makes it hard to take bold steps?
  • How do you know the difference between a crazy bold step and foolishness?
  • Jeff said God doesn’t use people just because they are ordinary. He uses people who show up. Is there a place you feel like you need to show up and/or take a bold step for God?
  • God uses a group of people, each playing his or her role, to deliver the nation. How well do you know what your role is or could be in what God is up to in our world today? How can people go about finding out what their role is?

Live Big

Ask God to make you more bold this week, and for the opportunity to play a role in what He is up to in the world today.