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Empowered by the Spirit

Start Up

Superhero movies are super popular right now. Each Halloween, superhero costumes flood our neighborhoods because what kid doesn’t wish he or she had special powers to make a difference in the world? But making a difference doesn’t require a costume. In fact, God has given us all we need to have a monumental impact on our world. He has placed His Holy Spirit in us to empower us to do things we could never do on our own.

  • Jeff shared that in 2019 there will be ten new superhero movies. How into superhero movies are you? Why do you think they are so popular or resonate so much in our culture?
  • If you could choose to be a superhero or have a superpower, who or what would you choose? Why?

Discuss Together

Read John 14:12-17 together.

  • Jesus said that we will do even greater things than Him after He goes back to the Father and that it is better that He (Jesus) goes so that He (the Holy Spirit) can come. How do you think the disciples first reacted to this? What is your reaction to what Jesus said?
  • If you could choose to either walk with Jesus back when He was on earth or live with the Holy Spirit today, which would you choose and why?
  • Have you personally experienced the Holy Spirit coming alongside you? In what ways?

The Holy Spirit empowers us but not to do whatever we want. He empowers us to do His mission. If we want to be used by the Spirit to do greater things, then we have to join Him in what He is doing. What God is doing right now is clear from the New Testament. Read Matthew 16:18 and Ephesians 3:10-11 together.

  • Make some observations from this passage. If we want to find where the Spirit is at work, where should we first look?
  • What has your church experience been like? Has it been up-and-down, good, bad, or confusing? Share with the group.
  • Why do you think God decided to use His church, expressed in local churches around the world like Chase Oaks, to demonstrate His wisdom and fulfill His purposes? God didn’t have to do it this way, but He did. Does that surprise you?
  • In the New Testament, we see a pattern pop up time and time again, where the Apostle Paul would go to an area, evangelize to people, gather them together into a church community, establish them in the faith, equip them for ministry, and send them out (where they would do the same cycle all over again). When you think of your gifting, what part of the cycle are you most passionate about: evangelizing, gathering, establishing, equipping, or sending?
  • Jeff talked about being “All In” at Chase Oaks Church, which means worshipping (making weekend services a priority), serving on a team, belonging in a group, giving financially, and inviting people to know Jesus/come to church. Are you “All In” right now? Do you want to be? What step do you find the most challenging?

Great groups are “All In” with one another. What are a few things we could do to deepen the connection, authenticity, and purpose in our group? Let’s brainstorm together.



  • Take a moment to pray for Chase Oaks Church—that God would empower us as a local expression of His church movement to be faithful to His mission.
  • Take a moment to pray for the global church—ask God to expand His church for His glory.

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