Disruptive Jesus

October 2019

Start Up

Deep down, we want to live impactful and meaningful lives. But another part of us resists disruption and clings to the status quo. Following Jesus, however, will often challenge the status quo. He won’t lead us to a comfortable life but rather an impactful one where we can join Him in what He is doing in the world.

  • Is there a time or place where you find it particularly annoying to be interrupted or disrupted? Share with the group.
  • When we watch the news, it’s obvious there is a lot of brokenness in the world. Is there an injustice in our community or world that particularly bothers you or hits your heart in a deep way? What is it and why?

Discuss Together

Read Mark 5:1-13.

  • What questions does this passage raise for you? Have you ever wondered whether demons actually exist or not?
  • Can you identify with the demoniac in any way? Have you ever felt oppressed by something powerful, like guilt, shame, fear, a temptation of some sorts, or something else, and experienced God’s hope, power, and freedom?

Finish the story by reading Mark 5:14-20.

  • How did the townspeople react to what Jesus did? Do you find it surprising they wanted Him to leave?

  • Why do you think Jesus told the demoniac “no” when he wanted to leave the region with Jesus?

  • Have you experienced how personal comfort is often at odds with powerful impact? How?
  • How do you balance being responsible to your obligations and being responsive to a world full of need? What have you learned about navigating this tension?
  • Jeff said, “In a wealthy culture, it is so easy to live a self-focused life and feel like we are winning, when in fact, we are losing.” Do you find yourself drifting towards a self-focused life? How?
  • When you think of the needs of others in our community or world, how disrupted are you?
  • How is God calling you to be more disruptive in our world? Is it being more generous? Is it sharing your Jesus story with someone? Is it serving somewhere?


Take time to pray for our new church partnership with “Joseph” in Egypt. Pray for God’s strength, empowerment, and protection in his and his family’s life.