Choose Wisely

September 2021

Discuss Together

  • Talk about a time where you had to make a tough choice between two candidates, whether it was hiring someone at work, asking someone to do contract work at your home, or someplace else. How did you go about evaluating who was right for the job?
  • In your mind, what does it mean to have good character? What qualities does it entail?
  • Read Titus 1:5-9. What qualities does Paul mention to Timothy for him to look for when choosing key leaders in the church? Why do you think he mentions these characteristics? Are there any that surprise or confuse you?
  • When you look at all of these qualities, it can be pretty daunting, even intimidating. What would you say to a person who aspires to be a leader but knows they have room to grow in one or multiple of these areas?
  • Jeff shared, “When choosing a leader or key person in your life, competency, and chemistry are important, but never cheat character. It’s the easiest one to cheat, but it will burn you every time if you do.” Can you relate to that statement? Why is it easiest to “cheat character?” Has it ever come back to burn you?
  • What have you learned about developing character and growing in spiritual maturity? Was has helped you in your own life?
  • Look again at Titus 1. Is there a characteristic or quality you have room to grow in? Which one or two stand out the most, and what would it look like to develop your character in that way?

Next Steps

Spiritual growth is a process that takes time and intentionality. One way we can do that together is through the new Chase Oaks Church mobile app. It is designed to be used daily, where we can pray for one another and read Scripture as a community. Have your group get the app together by going to Once in the app, your group can follow each other so you’ll see everyone’s prayer requests and journal entries.