Start Up

In a world where temptation is in your face, resisting it can be difficult and can feel defeating. Let’s continue the conversation as we find some much-needed wisdom from James, who describes temptation much like a lure that entices us down a road that leads to a place we don’t want to go.

  • On a scale of 1-10, how enjoyable do you find fishing (with 10 being “Love it!” and 1 being “Can we go already?”)? By the way, this is an appropriate time to brag about the biggest fish you’ve ever caught.
  • In what ways does our culture treat temptation and indulging in sin as a good thing? Do you think our culture rationalizes it or treats it too casually?


Discuss Together

Read James 1:12-15 together.

  • Last week, Jeff talked about trials and enduring suffering. Without missing a beat, James immediately transitions to talking about temptation. In what ways are trials and temptations similar? In what ways are they different?
  • Blake said, “God doesn’t tempt us, but He does test us.” Do you agree with that statement? If God isn’t the source of our temptations, what is?
  • The passage we just read talks about the trap of temptation. What is the progression James describes that occurs from desire to death? At what point in the progression does it become sin, where we’ve blown it?
  • James writes about how temptation leads to death—it takes us down a road to a destination we never planned on going to. Have you seen or experienced a seemingly small temptation or bad habit led to a really bad and hurting place, either in your life or someone close to you?

Read James 1:16-17 and James 5:16.

  • How does James tell us to redirect our focus in the middle of temptation? How good are you at remembering and being grateful for God’s goodness, provision, and the gifts He has already given you?
  • What have you learned about facing and resisting temptation in your life? Share with the group.
  • Why is confession and the help of others so important in facing temptation and gaining momentum towards good habits? How have you experienced this?

Take Away

Take an extended time to pray for each other as you face temptations. Confess any temptations, sins, and struggles to one another. Pray for God’s help and strength.