Discussion Together

  • What is one new position you’ve taken on at home as a result of social distancing? Is it homeschool teacher, IT support, chef, social media influencer, marriage counselor, or something else? How are you doing at that position?

  • What is something you’ve learned or noticed about someone that you might not have observed if life hadn’t changed?

  • What is one relational challenge you are facing or adjustment you are having to make as a result of everything that is happening?

  • Ryan shared a few verses that make for a great foundation for core home values. Read together aloud Hebrews 3:4, Colossians 3:13, Romans 12:10, and Acts 2:46. Is there a verse that could serve as the start of a manifesto for your home and relationships? Share why that verse resonates.

  • How is this season testing or refining your personal core values? What are you learning about yourself?

  • Where is there potential for this season to actually make a relationship stronger and more vibrant as a result of everything going on? What would it take to unleash that potential?


Mark Batterson said, “Joy is not getting what you want. It’s appreciating what you have.” In the face of setbacks, we have the opportunity to also find the beauty in what we still have and thank God for that. Take a moment to share about the setbacks you are facing. Pray together for God’s provision and peace. And then take time to thank God for what you still have. Ask for God’s help in having true joy right now.