Start Up

It seems like everyone has an opinion of Jesus. Almost every religion talks about Him. There are statues of Him, sayings of His, and stories about Him everywhere. But what if what we think about Him is a little off? In what ways might we be surprised? This series will focus on some of the more unexpected aspects of Jesus, starting with His humanity.

  • Can you think of a time when you had a first impression of someone and the person turned out to be different than what you initially thought? Share with the group.

  • When did you first hear about Jesus? Has your impression of Him changed over time?

  • In what ways do you think our culture’s view of Jesus is accurate? In what ways do you think it’s inaccurate?

Discuss Together

Read Hebrews 4:14-16.

  • What comes to your mind when you hear the word, “priest”? What does it mean that Jesus is our “High Priest”?

  • The author of Hebrews argues we can approach God’s throne with confidence. How does he support that argument?

  • Do you feel confident in your standing with God? Have you ever gone through times where you didn’t feel confident? Share with the group.

  • Throughout church history, some have argued that Jesus wasn’t fully human and that His humanity isn’t all that core to Christianity. If someone asked you why it’s important, what would you say?

Read the following verses together, making note of some of the feelings and experiences Jesus went through in His time on Earth: Luke 2:52; John 11:32-36; Mark 11:12;  John 6:60-67; Matthew 4:1; and Luke 22:39-44.

  • From these passages, what are some specific ways that Jesus can empathize with us?

  • How does knowing Jesus can empathize with you change the way you approach God when life is hard?

  • Is there an area of life you are struggling with right now? Are you experiencing any fear, pain, uncertainty, sickness, grief, need, or depression? If you are comfortable, share with the group.

  • When we’ve experienced hurts in the past, God often uses it to help comfort others in the present. Is there an area you’ve been able to empathize with or be helpful to others because of something in your past? How have you seen God use it?


Take a few moments to pray for the needs of those in your group. Thank God for His willingness to come to us, empathize with us, and save us.