Discuss Together

  • What are some different ways or areas in life where it is common to feel misjudged? What is it about our current culture that makes it easy to feel judged by others?

  • Have you ever felt wrongly judged? Has someone formed an opinion about you before they knew you much at all? How and in
    what way?

  • Read Matthew 7:1-5. Jesus shares how we are experts at seeing other people’s problems and struggle to see our own in the mirror. Have you found yourself being an expert at seeing the mess ups or mistakes of others this season? Where do you feel the pull
    toward judgmentalism?

  • If we struggle with seeing our own issues in the mirror, how is it possible to “see the plank in our own eye?” What does it take? What have you learned about discovering growth areas and sin issues in your own life?

  • In our culture today, many perceive Christians as negative and judgmental. Why do you think that’s the case? Do you think it’s fair
    or unfair?

  • Ryan said, “A judgmental spirit isn’t heard. It’s felt.” Have you found that to be true in your life? If it is true, how can we change what people feel when they are around us?

  • Close out the discussion by reading 1 Peter 5:5. Is there anything in you that needs to be humbled? Get specific—is it in a particular place, with a particular person, or toward a group of people?


Ryan said worrying is all about us and judging is all about others. Which means when we wrestle with both of those, we’re not focusing on God. Take a moment to pray together at the start of this season. Ask God to clothe each of you with humility and to remove any spirit of hostility, fear, or judgmentalism from within.