The Gamble

You're invited to join us as we examine how we play the game of life.

We’ll look to God’s wisdom to uncover some of the bad bets we base our lives upon. So, grab a few friends because this journey isn’t meant to be done alone—we go further and faster together. Feel free to organize your own group or jump into one at Chase Oaks. Let's start this journey together!


Future Quest

Whether you know it or not, the way you are operating right now is shaping your future. We can either be intentional about it or not; the choice is up to us. But the great news is God has an amazing preferred future for your life, and He invites us to join Him in creating that tomorrow today. You’re invited to embark on a quest. So, grab a few friends and go through this study together.


Happy Place

Have you ever found a happy place—a spot where you felt joy and meaning in the middle of a chaotic world? For some of us, our happy place is when we’re skiing through fresh powder on the mountains, walking on the beach, or spending time with family at the holidays. While traveling to a happy place is great, some people have discovered something far more profound: how to live with joy and meaning year-round, no matter where they are. Over the course of this six-week journey, we’ll explore what happy people know and the choices we need to make to engage life to the fullest.


Pick One

How can we make good decisions? There are so many choices, so much conflicting advice. How do we know what God wants for us? How do we make the right choice? Pick One: The Art of Decision-Making is a five-week sermon series and group study where you’ll learn about how to stay connected with God, how to seek (and find!) wisdom, and how to gain the freedom to make decisions that reflect God’s good and perfect will. You’ll learn how to make the best decisions possible for yourself and for the people you influence and care about.



Do you ever feel overwhelmed in life? Think about our busy family schedules, our stretched finances, and our demanding work lives. Then we have our responsibility as Christ-followers: to be part of a small group and to serve in the church and in our community. We find ourselves constantly stressed out as we try to live at this overwhelming pace determined by our culture. We act like we have no choice. But our choice is margin- the space between my load and my limits. Margin is the intentional choice to not live right up to the limits but to give space in our calendar, in our finances, in our relationships, and in our emotional lives. Join us for this six-week sermon series and group study as we discover how to make room for the things that matter most.


Love Where You Live

It’s easy for everyday life to feel a bit random. But what if where you live and work is not by accident, but is actually an assignment? Join Jeff as he has a conversation with a team of other Chase Oakers as they discuss what it looks like to live out the heart of God by loving those around us. Join us for this four session group study that will help you and your group discover how God has called you to be His light in our culture.