Typically, when we think of a pastor, we think of someone who grew up as a pastor’s kid, felt called to pursue ministry as a teen, and attended seminary as a young adult. But Woodbridge Campus Pastor Todd Baughman took a much different journey.

While he accepted Jesus at a young age, it actually took a while before he understood what it meant to follow Jesus and before he felt called to enter ministry. And because of his unique journey, Todd knows what it means to struggle with feelings of inadequacy and with fear of the unknown. But he also knows how amazing life is when you choose to step out on faith and live into your calling.

Finding Faith

Woodbridge Campus Pastor Todd Baughman accepted Jesus Christ as his savior when he was only eight-years-old. During Sunday school, he remembers feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit. As he was reading his Bible later that night, he started asking his mom questions about Jesus and what He did for us. At that moment, Todd understood his need for a savior and made the decision to accept the free gift of salvation.

Although he found his faith at a young age, it would take almost 20 years for him to start wrestling with the magnitude of what Christ did for him. This would lead to spiritual growth and transformation that put him on a path he never thought he would have chosen.

Building a Family

As Woodbridge Campus Pastor Todd Baughman talks about meeting his wife, he recalls, “She chased me desperately for a while. I was too stupid to realize she ‘liked me, liked me,’ but once I figured it out, it was game over.

After marrying his wife, Crystal, he found two more loves of his life—his two boys. Before having his boys, Todd didn’t realize how much a father could love his sons. He never realized how much his father loved him despite having such a great one.

Becoming a father showed him what it means for a father to love his children and what it means for God, our heavenly Father, to love us. After discovering the love of a father, it changed the way he looked at his relationship with God.

Sometimes, I think my relationship with God is like [a parent-child relationship]: I know He loves me, but I don’t think we have any way to fully comprehend how much He loves us right now.  I am growing into understanding more and more, and it’s pretty sweet how God continues to reveal Himself to us as we grow closer to Him.”

Hearing the Call

Before pursuing full-time ministry, Todd lived a comfortable life and built a successful career in the restaurant industry. Todd and his wife started attending Chase Oaks Church (then known as Fellowship Bible Church North) in their 20s.

As Todd started to grow and mature as a Christ-follower, Todd and Crystal started serving and leading small groups. And Todd started the process of becoming a pastor (before he even knew it) by simply surrendering to God and saying, “Use me.”

At first, there were parts of his life that he allowed God to use him, but there were other parts of his life in which he felt inadequate and did not feel like God could “use” him there.

However, over time, Todd saw how God showed up again and again. He started trusting in Him more and started listening to the voice that told him he could do more than he ever imagined. He could no longer bury the voice that nudged him toward pursuing a calling that pushed him out of his comfort zone.  He started the process of leaning into his calling of becoming a pastor.

Becoming the Woodbridge Campus Pastor

Todd and Crystal Baughman have attended Chase Oaks Church for 16 years. After growing and learning to trust God for a decade, Todd was invited to join the staff as the Adult Ministries Pastor at the Legacy Campus.

For the last five years, Todd has helped engage the adult community at Chase Oaks by facilitating small groups and hosting connection events. This past summer, Todd was planning to transition to the new role of Digital Ministries Pastor, but an opportunity opened up at the Woodbridge Campus.

Church leaders approached Todd about becoming the new Woodbridge Campus Pastor. After spending several weeks praying and seeking advice from others, Todd excitedly accepted his new role.

Todd explains, “At the end of the day, the opportunity to serve the community I’ve lived in (Sachse) for 15 years was too awesome to pass up.”

Getting to Know Woodbridge Campus Pastor Todd Baughman

When Todd is not at the Woodbridge Campus leading and connecting with the community, you might catch him at a concert. He has always been a big music fan!

When he was 15-years-old, Todd attended his first concert to see Guns and Roses. Today, you will find him listening to alternative rock, classic rock, hip hop, west coast rap, reggae, and Jimmy Buffet (who should be in his own category).

If you are in the Murphy/Wylie/Sachse community, join Todd and his family at the Woodbridge Campus in Sachse, TX. He would love to chat about life over a cup of coffee!