We want to make a difference in our community and world, but we don’t always have the resources we need to make it happen. So, this season, Chase Oaks Church is awarding grants from the #LoveDoesTheUnexpected Opportunity Fund to make our best ideas a reality.

Meet Chase Oaker Liz Silence who had the chance to surprise Local Teacher Chris Brooks with five new guitars so that he can provide free guitar lessons for his students. Here is how Chase Oaks Church and Liz came together to make a difference in the lives of a teacher and his students.

Video Transcription

My son goes to Lowery Freshman Center, and during meet the teacher night, we passed by all the club tables set-up and we passed by the Guitar Club. We noticed on the sign that there was a note that said, “Will give free lessons as long as the students bring their own instrument.”

And that really caught my eye because my son had wanted to do that since fifth grade, and we really couldn’t afford him the opportunity, and we really felt guilty for that many, many times.

During that time, I took the flyer, and I emailed Mr. Brooks and asked him a few questions, and he said he would be more than happy to give him free lessons and it’s not too late for him to learn. He has started from the basics and teaching students who’ve never had any musical experience whatsoever. He has taught my son how to string guitars, how to tune the guitar, and start playing and teaching him music.

When I heard about the opportunity fund, it made me think about all the students that this might be a hurdle for—the inability to afford guitars and guitar lessons. So, I got with Chase Oaks and with Guitar Center, and we were able to get five new guitars and guitar cases and strings. And I really wanted to present this to Mr. Brooks to be able to give him the opportunity to allow other students who might have this hurdle be able to afford it and be able to enjoy music and their passion.

Hi, I’m Liz Silence.”

Hi, I’m Chris Brooks.”

You have my son, Ethan.”

Oh, awesome!

So, Mr. Brooks, at Chase Oaks, we have a movement that’s called Love Does The Unexpected where people do unexpected things to give love to people outside of their small circle. And for that love does the unexpected that you’re doing for your children. So, we’ve gotten with Guitar Center, and we have five new guitars, cases, and strings to provide for you for other students who might have the impediment of no instrument. We want to thank you so much for what you’re doing for the community and for your students.

That’s so awesome, I so much appreciate that. I was given the opportunity when I was a kid, when I was 12, to get free guitar lessons from a teacher after school because we didn’t have any money. And it gave me the opportunity to really identify with something, and it gave me a lot of confidence. So, I’ve been paying it forward ever since because it’s one of the most important things that ever happened to me. This is amazing. I can’t believe this. Thank you so much. This is amazing! We’ve got guitars!

“I’m Chris Brooks and Love Does The Unexpected.”

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