3 Ways to Include Your Neighbors to Be Here For Good

Posted by Maggie Coffey, Contributing Writer, on Jul 15, 2020

3 Ways to Include Your Neighbors to Be Here For Good

The past few months have taught many of us how to be patient in uncertainty and how to love one another well. At Chase Oaks, we want to be here for good in our community. So, we have launched the Here For Good movement to love our neighbors well and invite those around us to be here for good with us. Here are a few different ways we can include our neighbors in this season.

Opportunities to Include Your Neighbors to Be Here For Good

1. Participate in the Unity Table.

Starting August 30, we will have the opportunity to participate in the Unity Table. This is an initiative where we are asking everyone to share a meal with someone who doesn’t look like them every 5th Sunday! This is the perfect way to step out of our comfort zones and get to know our neighbors. Inviting someone over regularly can also be a great way to show your kids how to love your neighbors well. By participating in the Unity Table, you might be amazed at the diversity in your own neighborhood! Check out more details about the Unity Table and how you can get involved today!

2. Host your own school supply drive.

We don't know when and how schools will reopen. But we do know school will be starting back up! So, how can we help students and teachers start the year off well? We can host a neighborhood school supply drive to help families and teachers in need. This is a great way to include your neighbors in being here for good for our local schools. Just figure out the details (i.e., when and how people will drop off school supplies at your home) and tell your neighbors about it! To spread the word, you can hand out flyers, talk with your neighbors, or post it on social media and the Nextdoor app. You can partner with the Chase Oaks Family Center's SchoolZone by collecting specific school supplies for teachers and students and dropping them off at a Chase Oaks campus near you. Let's support our students and teachers well during these uncertain times!

3. Share your Here For Good stories on social media.

Tell others about how you are being here for good and share the stories of others on your social media platforms. Be sure to include #HereForGood. Each week, Chase Oaks Church will post inspiring Here For Good stories and opportunities that will be easy for you to share. This is a great way to inspire others to be here for good with you. Let’s encourage others to fill our timelines with positivity and hope rather than divisiveness and hate.
In this season of uncertainty and tension, we hope to inspire others to spread love and joy in their community and to make sure no one is left behind as we move forward together. The Here For Good movement is more than an initiative; it’s a mindset and lifestyle we can choose to live out every day! For more ideas on how to be here for good in our community, check out the Here For Good page on our website!

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