At Chase Oaks, we strive to be here for good for our community. Because we believe generosity makes the biggest impact in times of crisis, we have many giving opportunities where we can give various resources (e.g., money, food, blood, and clothing) to help others during this season.

Giving Opportunities to Be Here For Good

Here are three giving opportunities at Chase Oaks to incorporate generosity into our lifestyle.

Give Blood

As hospitals continue to care for patients with COVID-19 and resume surgical procedures and other patient treatments, there is a high demand for blood to ensure blood products are readily available for patients. For a limited time, the American Red Cross will test donors for COVID-19 antibodies as an additional health service and as part of their commitment to helping others in meaningful ways during this pandemic.

This summer, there will be a few opportunities for you to donate blood at Chase Oaks campuses through the American Red Cross. For details on where and how you can give blood at Chase Oaks, check out American Red Cross Blood Services at Chase Oaks.

Give Food

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased food insecurity across the U.S. By the end of April 2020, approximately one in five households were food insecure. Since schools were shut down for the end of the 2019-2020 schoolyear, many families that depend on school programs to ensure their children have access to nutritious food were struggling to put food on their tables.

At Chase Oaks, we partner with several local food pantries to help meet the needs of these struggling families in our community. One way to give to be here for good is to grab some extra groceries the next time you go shopping and drop them off at one of our local food pantries.

You can also host a neighborhood food drive to include others in being here for good with you! Simply think through some of the details such as when you will be collecting donations and how neighbors can drop them off at your house. Then, hand out some flyers in your neighborhood, or post the details of your neighborhood food drive on social media and the Nextdoor app. And start collecting for your local food pantry!

Here are some local food pantries that serve our community:

Let’s fight hunger together during this pandemic and be here for good for our community!

Give Funds

We believe we are stewards of the resources God has given us; therefore, we believe generosity should be a regular part of our lifestyle. To make generosity a way of life, we have many giving opportunities and various funds designated to make a difference in our church, community, and world.

One of our giving opportunities to be here for good in our community is our Local Outreach Fund. We use this fund to meet the current needs of our community. During the pandemic, we have used this fund to fight hunger in our community and to provide meals to our healthcare professionals. And we will continue to use this fund to help others during the pandemic.

The best way to take a step towards living a generosity-driven lifestyle is to simply take your first step to give. You could take your first step today by giving $20 to our Local Outreach Fund! Together, we can help our community thrive during this pandemic.

Make Generosity a Way of Life

In today’s chaotic world where we are concerned about our families and future, a great way to shift our perspective is to be thankful for what we have been given and to use our resources to be here for good for our community.

If you are not quite sure about where to give or how to give, talk about it with your family and friends. Find new ways and avenues to give resources (e.g., money, food, blood, and clothing) to make a difference in our community and world.

Once you have decided what you would like to give, make it a monthly give goal. Ask your family and friends to set a monthly give goal, too, so you can make plans together and challenge one another to give generously.

We are better together and can make a lasting impact when we choose to make generosity a way of life.

Aside from giving opportunities, we also have opportunities to serve and to include others to be here for good in our community. Check how you can be here for good today!