Join us for a 21-day journey towards growing in your prayer life. This is a 3-week on-demand experience that takes place exclusively in Chase Oaks App.


Join us for a 21-day journey towards growing in your prayer life.

It’s no secret that prayer can be confusing. We’ve heard so many different people pray in different styles that it’s easy to wonder, “Am I doing this right?”

We invite you to join us for 21 days of learning how to pray and connect with God in our personal life. We’re eager to journey alongside you in pursuing growth in our prayer lives together, as we look to find a deeper way to talk with God.


  • Who is this for? Who is this for? Anyone who wants to grow in their prayer life.
  • What to expect? coaches to walk through this journey with.
  • When will it start? Sunday, May 19, 2024. 
  • Where will it be? Within the Chase Oaks App.
  • What’s the commitment? This experience will be fully on-demand, on your own time. We recommend about 15-25 minutes a day.

Meet Our Coaches

Ashley and Crystal

Ashley is a Pastor at Chase Oaks Church and the Director of Local Good Coffee Co. She is a mom to four daughters and spends most of her free time living life with them. Ashley was born and raised in Plano, TX, and grew up in a family that knew and loved Jesus but has also seen her fair share of hardships. From failed relationships and loss on multiple levels, the biggest lesson she has learned through the ups and downs of life has been that God cares for her deeply. He hears our prayers and wants to help carry the good and the bad that comes our way. Ashley’s desire is for us to feel comfortable and confident in how we talk to God, knowing that no matter how or what we say, He listens and cares for us all.

Growing up, Crystal watched her mom go to God in prayer every morning at 6 AM before she started her chaotic day of shuffling her kids around and teaching elementary school students. Whenever they had a problem, her mom taught them to cry out to God in prayer first and Crystal often heard her say things like, “I had no idea what to do for this lesson, but through prayer, God just gave me the perfect analogy to teach the students.” Because of her mom’s deep connection with the Lord through prayer, and through some incredible friends in college who would spend hours in prayer with me, Crystal learned a variety of different ways to weave prayer throughout her day. When she came to Chase Oaks, she instantly knew Ashley was a person of prayer. She was the first person who came to mind when thinking about this prayer experience and they’re so excited to share their prayer habits with you!