For the past 12 years, Vertical has been a daily source of inspiration and help for people to develop a regular habit of getting into God’s Word. This legacy is only possible because of the tireless work of our core team, the many writers who share how their own stories connect with God’s timeless truth, and the thousands of readers who receive the Vertical email each day.

In light of the pandemic and an increased emphasis on digital engagement, Chase Oaks has spent time envisioning how we can better help people grow their faith and connect with each other daily. As a result, we are completely reworking the Chase Oaks Church mobile App. It will be transformed into a “spiritual fitness” tool that will make it easier for people to pray for one another and develop habits like reading Scripture.

We are excited to be transitioning Vertical onto that new platform. It will still include a daily reading. But instead of one writer providing the day’s devotional, everyone will have an opportunity to post a thought or response to the day’s reading. Small groups and serving teams will also be able to connect through the App and share prayer requests and Bible journals. We can’t wait to see how it goes! 

This new App is slated to be released in the fall. To get us ready for its launch, we will be ending our daily Vertical readings on Friday, June 4.

To celebrate Vertical’s amazing legacy, Transformation Pastor Eric Torrence spoke with Drew Leaver, the pastor who first started Vertical. They talked about the beginnings of Vertical and its lasting impact over the years. Watch their conversation below.

Whether you’ve interacted with Vertical for years or just a few days, thank you for taking the time to engage with the daily reading and devotionals. We hope it has inspired you in your faith journey and helped you develop your habit of getting into God’s Word. We are so grateful for you and hope you will join us on the new App when it launches in the fall.