Christmas has arrived at Chase Oaks Church! With Christmas trees decorating our campus lobbies, you might start humming Christmas songs on your way out the door. Seeing the Christmas trees might also make you wonder how you can make a difference this holiday season.

Just like our Chase Oaks Family Center, our Woodbridge Campus will be hosting their annual ToyZone Store for the Woodbridge community. And they can’t make ToyZone happen without your generous donations.

Here are a couple of ways you can participate in ToyZone 2019 and love the Woodbridge community this Christmas.

ToyZone 2019 at the Woodbridge Campus

Chase Oaks Church is hosting our annual ToyZone Store to support children in struggling families, identified by our local schools and partners. The store will be filled with your generous toy donations that allow parents to shop for their children and choose the gifts they want at a very discounted price, bringing dignity back to charity.

The ToyZone Store will be held at the Woodbridge Campus on December 13–14. This year, we will be serving more schools in our community.

We will invite students from Bush Elementary, Cox Elementary, Groves Elementary, and Hartman Elementary in Wylie ISD and Weaver Elementary in Garland ISD.

This will be the biggest number of kids we have ever served! So, this is a great opportunity for us to come together with a generous spirit and an open heart to make ToyZone happen for these wonderful kids. You’ve heard a lot this year about #LoveDoesTheUnexpected, and this opportunity is one of the best ways to fulfill this vision.

In addition to the toys, we will provide FREE gift-wrapping for the parents and a winter coat for every child. ToyZone is about more than just toys; it is about serving the families who walk through the door and making sure they feel loved!

Here are a few ways you can participate in ToyZone that will help us love the Woodbridge community this Christmas.

1. Donate toys.

One of the ways you can participate in ToyZone at Woodbridge this year is to donate toys for elementary-aged kids. While attending one of the weekend services, you can look at the ornaments on the Christmas trees in the lobby and in Kidzone.

Each ornament will include gift ideas for boys and girls in various age groups. After selecting your ornament(s), you will purchase as many gifts as you would like that are appropriate for the age groups listed. Then, simply return the unwrapped gifts to the Woodbridge Campus’ lobby.

If you don’t have time to shop at the store, you can shop on Amazon and ship it directly to the campus!

2. Donate coats.

Another great way to participate is to donate kids’ coats. Just like the ornaments with toys listed, there will be ornaments asking for specific sizes of coats. With the colder weather moving in faster this year, this will help kids stay warm as they walk to and from school and play at recess. With Black Friday around the corner, you might be able to find some great deals on some cool coats!

If you don’t have time to shop at the store, you can find coats on ToyZone’s Amazon list, which you can ship directly to the campus!

3. Serve at the ToyZone Store. 

Aside from donations, you can serve at the Woodbridge Campus to help make ToyZone happen. If you are looking to serve during the campus’ weekend services, you can help out at the Christmas trees in the lobby and in Kidzone by passing out information cards and answering questions people might have about the ornaments.

If you want to join the fun at the ToyZone Store, you can be a cashier, help families check in, wrap gifts, host a Jesus birthday party in the kid area, or help set up all the toys and coats! There are so many opportunities to jump in and love on the families that come through the Woodbridge Campus’ doors.

To love the Woodbridge community this Christmas, you can sign up to serve at ToyZone today!

ToyZone is a great opportunity to give and serve as a family. Your generosity will help so many families feel loved this holiday season. Whether you donate toys and coats or serve at the store, you will be a part of helping families feel the love and joy of Christmas this season. So, let’s come together and love the Woodbridge community this Christmas!

You can drop off donations during weekend services from November 22–December 8.

For questions about ToyZone at the Woodbridge Campus, contact Emily Wilson at e[email protected].

To help families rediscover the magic and wonder of Christmas, join us in supporting ToyZone 2019 at a Chase Oaks campus near you!