Having kids is one of the greatest joys, but not every day, as a parent, is roses and daisies. In fact, most days look like cheerios and snot, which is a reality we might forget about when dreaming about parenthood. Whether you’re a new parent or a seasoned mom or dad, having kids can be overwhelming at any stage. So, we have put together seven resources to empower parents today. 

Online Resources to Empower Parents

Home Team Toolkit

At Chase Oaks, we are in a series about winning at our most important relationships, “Home Team.” We recognize that one of our most important relationships is the one with our children. Whether you are a new parent or an empty nester, we put together a Home Team Toolkit that provides resources to empower parents in all life stages. 

This toolkit has songs, books, blogs, and studies that can help you tackle being a parent and build a healthy home. Some blogs include 10 Life Hacks to Make Mom Life Easier and Overcoming the Struggles of Single Parenting

RightNow Media

RightNow Media is a library of resources for churches and Christ-followers. The resources are created by well-known Christian speakers and authors and can be streamed from virtually anywhere. RightNow Media defines themselves as the “Netflix” for churches. 

RightNow Media offers a variety resources for parenting. Some of these include Raising Kingdom Kids by Tony Evans, which focuses on raising spiritually strong children, and Grace Based Foster Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel that helps with foster parenting and adoptive families. 

These only scratch the surface of the kinds of studies and topics that RightNow Media offers. 

Books to Empower Parents

Powell’s Sticky Faith Guide 

The Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family by Kara Powell guides parents to build a solid foundation for their kids’ spiritual lives. This is a hard topic because parents don’t want to think about their children leaving the faith one day. The scary statistic is that nearly half of children raised in a Christian home end up leaving the faith after they graduate high school. This book gives tools that empower parents to make little differences to create an eternal impact on their children. 

Deal’s Smart Stepfamily 

The Smart Stepfamily by Ron Deal provides seven steps to create a healthy environment for a merging family. This book emphasizes the importance of “cooking your stepfamily slowly rather than expecting an instant blend.” It is a great read for parents either already in or entering a blended family. 

Burns’ Healthy Sexuality

Jim Burns wrote Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality to prepare parents for difficult conversations around the topic of sexuality. No longer is it as simple as the birds and the bees conversation you had with your parents. Children are subjected to a lot of different outlets that spark sexuality early as well as dealing with a culture that has cheapened sexuality entirely. In his book, Burns will help you develop your children’s perspective of sexuality in a healthy and biblical way. 

Rienow’s Back to Christ

Rob Rienow recognizes that we all want our children to have a relationship with God. And it is hard to imagine our adult children turning away from our faith. In When They Turn Away: Drawing Your Adult Child Back to Christ, Rienow shares a message of hope that it’s never too late for God to use a parent to bring their adult child back to God. This book is designed to give parents the tools and hope that God will move through them. 

Graham and Dormon’s Now What? 

I’m Pregnant…Now What? by Ruth Graham and Sara Dormon, PhD, is designed for women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. Graham and Dormon use firsthand experiences to give encouragement and answers to those who are questioning everything. 

Feel empowered as a parent by attending the Family Now Conference at our Legacy Campus. Family Now is a one-day gathering of experts that will give you the tools to win at home. From conflict communication to how to protect your kids online, there are several breakouts to help you lead your family well! Register today for the early bird rate!