Serving the Community

serving the communityThroughout the month of April, Chase Oaks organizes Make a Difference 2gether where each campus works to bring awareness to the needs of our community and to provide opportunities to love and serve others. Although we set aside a month for serving, Chase Oaks continues their mission to meet the deepest needs of our community throughout the year.

Since they launched their campus, Chase Oaks Woodbridge Campus has been working with local partners (e.g., schools, food pantries, and local cities) to make a difference in the Murphy/Wylie/Sachse community. The Woodbridge Campus has reached out to their partners to arrange a variety of service projects and special events to help meet the deepest needs of the community.

Serving the Schools

Throughout the last couple of years, the Woodbridge Campus has built a special relationship with the staff and students at Hartman Elementary in Wylie ISD. The campus has been involved in serving the staff and students by lifting them up in prayer walks, providing lunches and treats throughout the year, completing beautification projects, donating school supplies, and mentoring students.

Hartman Elementary Principal Shawna BallastWhen asked about her school’s partnership with the Woodbridge Campus, Hartman Elementary Principal Shawna Ballast replies, “Chase Oaks is involved in creating a positive culture at Hartman by serving teachers, students and the community. When children walk through the Hartman doors they know they are cared for—not just what goes in the classroom but in other areas of the school. Chase Oaks gives priority to our school, staff, and students, by helping us in our areas of need through their time, service, and prayers. This is what we call the Wylie Way.” 

Aside from their partnership with Hartman Elementary, the Woodbridge Campus also serves other Wylie and Sachse schools. For the past two years, the Woodbridge Campus has provided caps and gowns to seniors who could not afford them. In addition, the Woodbridge Campus provides volunteers for the Wylie ISD’s Back-to-School Fair and for countless service projects throughout the year.

jmartinWylie ISD’s Family Liaison Specialist Joley Martin describes the Woodbridge Campus’ impact as “monumental.” Joley Martin thanks the Woodbridge Campus for their service by saying, “First and foremost, you support our students in so many ways. Our staff is supported by you through the blessings you give our kids. Students are being fed, have family support during holidays, and are always in your thoughts as to how you can do more. Our seniors walk during graduation and that accomplishment is actualized because of your love to this community.

serving schoolsThis past weekend, 175 volunteers, including adults and children, from the Woodbridge Campus scattered across the Wylie/Sachse community to make a difference. The volunteers completed 10 projects for local schools (seven schools in Wylie ISD and three schools in Garland ISD). Most of the school projects were beautification projects where volunteers planted flowers and set up learning gardens. Some projects included building tables and installing art.

If you would like to make a difference alongside the Woodbridge Campus, there is an upcoming opportunity to provide breakfast and lunch for the dedicated teachers at Hartman Elementary to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. To find out more about this opportunity, visit Hartman Elementary Teacher Appreciation Breakfast and Lunch.

Serving the Cities

Another important partnership is Woodbridge Campus’ relationship with the cities of Wylie and Sachse. Since relocating to Sachse, the Woodbridge Campus has been working with the city’s mayor and manager to understand and to meet the city’s needs.

Originally, the city of Sachse reached out to the Woodbridge Campus to join the Mayor’s Pastor’s Emergency Response Committee in response to Hurricane Harvey. The city was looking to provide relief for the hurricane’s victims. Not only did they find the help they needed with the relief efforts, but they also found a willing partner to respond to the call of loving and serving others. After joining efforts during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the Woodbridge Campus and the city of Sachse have been working together to identify needs in the community.

Currently, the Woodbridge Campus is working with the city of Sachse to host and participate in city events as well as to provide a facility for the city to hold its recreation classes until its new community center is built. The Woodbridge Campus has also partnered with the 5 Loaves Food Pantry in Sachse, TX, to help those struggling in the community.

Sachse City Manager Gina NashSachse City Manager Gina Nash comments she “can already see what a willing partner Chase Oaks is to become an active member of our community. Their immediate collaboration with the Five Loaves Food Pantry clearly shows the desire to dive right in and help wherever they can right here in our city. They did this without fanfare or desire for credit, a testimony to their true willingness to help when called upon.”

servingThe Woodbridge Campus is expanding their partnership with the City of Sachse to provide assistance to those who cannot keep their home up to code due to health or physical limitations. These upcoming service projects will include mowing lawns, trimming trees, and repairing fences. If you are interested in being on a team to help the city as needs arise, please contact Chris and Jamie Dunkle at .

Serving the Food Pantries

As part of building a strong relationship with the city, the Woodbridge Campus immediately formed a strong partnership with a local food pantry, 5 Loaves Food Pantry in Sachse, TX. Volunteers from the Woodbridge Campus have engaged in a variety of service projects to help the food pantry meet the needs in the community. Also, the Woodbridge Campus has collected food donations to keep their shelves stocked.

serving This past weekend, there was a large group of volunteers completing various projects to help 5 Loaves Food Pantry serve the local community. The projects included yard work, repairing sheet rock, cleaning and organizing the storage area, cleaning and stocking shelves in the freezer, and organizing food and other household items.

Aside from helping the food pantry, there were volunteers that completed projects at the house of a local family that visits the food pantry.

Appreciating the support provided by the Woodbridge Campus, Director of 5 Loaves Food Pantry Audrey Wallace describes how she “made some really good connections with some wonderful people that love God and others. I know several of them have expressed a desire in serving on a regular basis, and I look forward to partnering with Chase Oaks as we serve this community together.”

To meet the needs of the local community, there are plenty of service opportunities coming up with the 5 Loaves Food Pantry in Sachse, TX. The pantry is in need of volunteers to help run the pantry for clients to get food, to teach Bible study classes, to stock the food pantry, and to help cook food for senior citizens. For more information about volunteering with the 5 Loaves Food Pantry, contact Audrey Wallace at .

Serving to Make a Difference 2gether

The Woodbridge Campus strives to make a difference in the surrounding community. They want to touch the lives and hearts of all people that surround their campus. Even if you are not part of Chase Oaks, the Woodbridge Campus would love for you to join them in serving the community to make a difference.

If you want to be a part of serving the Murphy/Wylie/Sachse community to make a difference, check out our Woodbridge Campus by attending one of our services. For more information about location and service times, visit Woodbridge Campus.