co-staff-web-greg-holmesSeveral weeks before we launch a new sermon series a few of us on staff gather to plan what the series will be all about. We make decisions on music and video elements, posters, handouts, fun elements, stuff like that. We also decide what the series will be called. Well, a couple of months back, we had such a meeting to discuss an upcoming sermon series that will focus on our church’s DNA statements. If you are not familiar, Chase Oaks has 10 DNA statements that help explain the distinctiveness of Chase Oaks Church. Statements like “we glow in the dark,” “we don’t go it alone,” DNA-Header“we count the change,” and “we don’t sweat the small stuff,” describe how and why as a church we want to be a light in dark places—why we partner with others to make a positive difference and lasting change—why we try hard to stay focused and on mission. If you would like to see a full list and explanation of all ten statements, click here.

Anyway, we were meeting as a team to talk about our upcoming series that will focus on our DNA, when something interesting began to happen. Each person began to voice their desire to not only be an active part of a church that holds these values, but to be individuals who were described with statements such as these. How great would it be if someone else were to describe any one of us as a change agent for good, or a person who cared about others more than ourselves, or a person who stayed focused on the right things and fought against distraction? That would be incredible!

SC-People-LobbyIt’s important to remember that Chase Oaks Church is not an institution with its own institutional values. It’s people. People like you and me who fall short of our own expectations and the standards set forth in the Bible but, nevertheless, desire to make a difference and lead a life of significance. I think that the Chase Oaks DNA statements are values that most of us have for our lives already. But, for many of us, much of the time these values remain aspirational and don’t reach fulfillment in our lives. That’s why we need each other. That’s why we need to be a church—together. Together we can encourage one another and create opportunities to turn aspirations into reality.

So we called our new series, “We Too” because we too want to be loving and accepting toward everyone. We too want to experience rich diversity and build relationships across racial and ethnic lines. We too want to bring about positive change in our world. What an amazing, frightening, fulfilling, abundant life God is offering to us. I want to be a part of it. I hope you do too.

Join us for “We Too” for the next six weeks as we examine our distinctiveness as a church and the life of adventure God has for each one of us.