Casa Hogar Elim is home to 80+ children ranging from birth to 24 years of age. Through Mama Lupita’s loving example, the children are taught to love God and depend on Him to supply their needs.

Chase Oaks Church partners with Thad and Anita Maddox to make a difference in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, at Casa Hogar Elim. Several times a year, groups of Chase Oakers travel to the orphanage to visit with the children and to complete projects such as construction projects to meet the needs of the orphanage.

Through Chase Oakers, God is doing a great work at Casa Hogar Elim, and Thad and Anita are so grateful to be a part of it. Chase Oakers have helped them follow His call and have made so many things possible!

Thad and Anita wanted to share the amazing things that are possible because of the generosity of so many Chase Oakers, who are willing to support the orphanage and to create opportunities for the children to reach their potential and to better their lives.

Making Strides in Education

Thanks to your generosity, the children of Casa Hogar have unprecedented access to daily support with homework and basic math and reading lessons. There is a much clearer understanding of how each child is performing and how they can best be helped.

The children are being challenged to build tactile and cognitive skills and problem solve. They are learning patience and flexibility, how to use computers, and slowly, slowly, how to enjoy reading. And this coming year, we are incorporating music to open a whole new part of their brain. We are so excited to see what will happen when we do!

Making Life Better

aquaponics gardenThanks to your generosity, the children are eating fresh eggs and are receiving daily snacks of fresh fruits, vegetables, and yogurt. This year, we will start the aquaponics gardens with the intention of having an awesome fish harvest in November and even more amazing fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Also, we can spend personal time with the children, kissing booboos, holding them when they are sad, celebrating successes, and reminding them every day that God created amazing people when He created them!

Making a Difference Together

We thank you for your prayers. We need every single one of them desperately. We are flawed human beings living in a culture different than what we have known with pressures that shine light into our brokenness. We love our life, but we struggle with it at times.

We need your continued prayers for discernment, patience, and humility. And pray for us to learn to speak Spanish from the heart so that we can dive deeper into discipleship.

We thank you for your financial support. What we accomplished in 2018 was truly astonishing. And 2019 is ramping up to be another crazy good year. We are being pressed into better and better stewardship of God’s money. We are grateful for the growth in that area because 2019 includes the aquaponics gardens and the building of the carpentry workshop. We expect to have big outcomes with our big projects.

Thank you for your sweat (and sometimes blood) as you worked side-by-side with us building our home and preparing the learning center, chicken pens, and garden. We loved having you with us on the journey, and we look forward to doing it again this year!

We hope you feel encouraged to continue your valuable ministry of supporting Gift of Dignity and Casa Hogar Elim, knowing that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. We are all part of the body of Christ, every part perfectly placed to do the most good for His purposes. What an amazing and beautiful body it is!

If you want to make a difference in the lives of the children at Casa Hogar Elim, there are plenty of opportunities to support the ministry through giving and serving on a short mission trip. For more information about how you can make a difference, visit Nuevo Laredo Missions.