Last weekend, the Woodbridge Student Ministry kicked off summer with a grand opening of their new (and amazing!) student space. Their new space creates a fun, engaging, and inviting environment that allows students to find connection and community, to be transformed, and to make a difference.

Finding Connection and Community

Woodbridge Student Ministry had 70+ students come to their grand opening across three student services, including Middle School and High School. 23 of those in attendance were first-time guests.

The middle school students connected over a donut wall in the morning while the high school students connected over tacos and a dance party. Not only did they have fun as they filled up on treats, but they also learned what it means to be a healthy community.

Woodbridge Student Pastor Jason Burgoyne gave his first message on community in the new student space. He talked about what it means to be a group of people that extend love and grace to all people so that they can create a space where students can come as they are, be transformed, and make a difference.

In his message, he compared the new space to a hospital. He explained it should be a place filled with love and grace where everyone can find help and build healthy relationships. He encouraged the students to strive to pray, love, lead, and serve those around us in a way that allows Jesus to move in their community.

Describing the importance of the new student space, Woodbridge Student Pastor Jason Burgoyne said, “The reason why the new space is a blessing is because we look at it as a bigger hospital. We want to create a place where every student can invite all their friends and those friends can invite friends. We want to ignite a movement in the Wylie/Sachse/Murphy area.”

Experiencing Transformation

Aside from finding connection and community, students are experiencing transformation as they learn about the love and grace of Jesus and His desire to accomplish great things through them in our community and world.

While making a difference on a recent Jamaica Mission Trip, High School Student Caleb Reyes described how he experienced transformation: “Before Jamaica, I was really struggling with finding balance and inner health in my life. I have always had this massive passion in my heart to love and serve people. But that quickly turned into a constant appetite for approval, and I constantly felt the weight of other people’s sadness. Going to Jamaica and spending time with the other students from Chase Oaks and seeing the schools in Jamaica showed me that I’m not alone and God cares about my health. He wants to do more in me than through me.”

The leaders behind Woodbridge Student Ministry are praying and hoping for more stories like Caleb’s where students are experiencing the love of God in a deep way that transforms them and allows them to make a difference where they are.

Making a Difference

After the high school students went on a mission trip to Jamaica where they served at the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf, they also served throughout their community.

The students served at Mission Arlington and the North Texas Food Bank. As the students continue looking for needs in their community, there will be more opportunities for them to show others how Love Does The Unexpected and make a difference in our community and world.

Woodbridge Student Ministry Events

The grand opening of their new student space is just the beginning of fun summer events for the Woodbridge Student Ministry. From movie nights to pool parties, this summer will be a blast for Woodbridge Students.

On Sunday, July 7, Woodbridge Student Ministry will have a movie night at B&B Theatres in Wylie, TX. Students are invited to attend the 7:00 p.m. showing of Spider-Man: Far from Home. All students are welcome, so just grab some popcorn and we’ll save a seat for you!

Incoming middle school students (Grades 7-8) are invited to a pool party at 2608 Baker St., Sachse, TX on Saturday, July 13, from 2:00-6:00 p.m. Bring your towel and sunscreen and get ready to beat the heat in the pool.

For one last party before summer ends, high school students (Grades 9-12) are invited to an end-of-summer lake party on Wednesday, July 31, from 5:00-9:00 p.m. at 4008 Mediterranean St., Rockwall, TX.

There is no need to register for any of these events. All students are welcome. The Woodbridge Student Ministry looks forward to connecting with you this summer!

To stay connected to Woodbridge Student Ministry, follow us on Instagram @woodbridgestudents.