Making a Difference 2gether

ac-2-2-22-2018-170x170In April, Chase Oakers and the surrounding communities made an impact through Make a Difference 2gether. Throughout the month, volunteers completed various service projects to help people in need and to beautify our local schools, people donated bags of groceries to fill the needs of our local food pantries, and Chase Oakers once again demonstrated their generosity by giving $22 to support our local partners that are making a difference in our community.

Making an Impact on Our Community

Each of our campuses worked together to coordinate different service projects for LifeGroups, Established Groups, and groups of families, friends, and neighbors that would allow them to impact our community.

Service Projects at the Sloan Creek Campus

The Sloan Creek Campus deployed teams of volunteers to complete service projects for the City of Allen. They made impact communitya difference by doing yard work and making home repairs to help residents in need such as elderly homeowners. In addition, a LifeGroup visited Cornerstone Ranch to complete work to create a beautiful environment and home for its residents. Cornerstone Ranch is home to a group of adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.

According to their website, Cornerstone’s mission is “built on Christian values, our family-centered environment creates a safe place where independence thrives, character grows, and confidence is nurtured. We are a home where adults with special needs can indeed experience abundant life.

Aside from making a difference in the city and local organizations, Sloan Creek also partnered with Rountree Elementary in Allen, TX, to help host a school carnival on Friday, May 18. Every year, our Sloan Creek Campus provides supplies and volunteers to make this carnival a fun event for its students and families.

Service Projects at the Legacy and En Español Campuses

Great American CleanupThe Legacy and En Español Campuses participated in a variety of projects throughout the City of Plano. Like the Sloan Creek Campus, many volunteers came together to do Love Where You Live projects, helping local residents in the Village Creek neighborhood remedy code violations. In addition, volunteers participated in events such as TangoTab’s Feed the City and Plano’s Great American Cleanup. There were over 1,000 volunteers from the community, including Chase Oakers, that participated in Plano’s Great American Cleanup.

The Legacy Campus also partnered with My Possibilities, a local organization that provides vocational education for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Chase Oakers spent a day helping this organization move into their new facility. It was a day spent packing and unpacking boxes, loading and unloading moving trucks, cleaning the facilities, and managing a garage sale.

As a partner with Mendenhall Elementary in Plano, TX, the Legacy and En Español Campuses helped Mendenhall’s PTA host a school Mendenhall Elementary Schoolcarnival to raise funds for its school. Volunteers of all ages helped with the carnival by running games and concession stands. Mendenhall students and families had a great time at the carnival!

Service Projects at the Woodbridge Campus

The Woodbridge Campus partnered with local school districts, the City of Sachse, and local food pantries for their service projects in the Murphy/Wylie/Sachse community. The Woodbridge Campus sent 175 volunteers into the community to impact 10 schools across Wylie, Sachse, and Garland and the 5 Loaves Food Pantry and its clients.

Hartman Elementary SchoolThe volunteer team, including adults and children, worked on beautification projects for the schools such as planting flowers, building learning tables, and creating fence art. The children loved making a difference at their schools! At the 5 Loaves Food Pantry, volunteers spent the day cleaning appliances, organizing food, and making necessary repairs to the facility. A team also headed out to complete a home improvement and repair project at the residence of one of the food pantry’s clients.

Making an Impact on Local Food Pantries

After engaging within the community for two hours of service, Chase Oakers also generously donated bags of food to fill our local food pantries. Chase Oakers donated over 20,000 pounds of food, providing meals for thousands in need throughout our community.

The Legacy Campus donated 17,836 pounds of food, providing 17,000 meals to the community. The food was impact communitydispersed among local food pantries, including AC Food Pantry, Minnie’s Food Pantry, God’s Pantry, and Trusted World.

Responding to the generosity of so many, a representative from God’s Pantry wrote, “On behalf of the Board of Directors for God’s Pantry, I want to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for your generous donation of 2,855 lb. of food. The pantry is able to serve a growing population of people in need because of the support we receive from organizations, businesses, churches, and individuals.

The Sloan Creek Campus donated over 4,000 pounds of food to the Allen Community Outreach (ACO) food pantry. After receiving the generous donations from the Sloan Creek Campus, ACO wrote, “Because of your campus’ amazing coordination and generosity, you collected an impressive total of 4,589 lbs. of food, translating to 4,461 meals for our neighbors in need.

The Woodbridge Campus donated approximately 3,670 pounds of food, distributed to 5 Loaves Food Pantry and Amazing Grace Food Pantry. 5 Loaves Food Pantry Executive Director said the amount food will feed approximately 250 people and provide 5,040 meals. Providing thousands of meals for people throughout our community made a huge impact.

Making an Impact on Local Partners

Aside from completing service projects and donating bags of groceries, Chase Oakers also came together to give money to local partners who are making an impact in our community. The call was for each Chase Oaker to gift $22, and Chase Oakers answered the call!

impact local partnersChase Oaks distributed over $96,000 to three of our local partners. One of the recipients was Real Options for Women, an organization that supports women faced with unplanned pregnancies. They offer free and confidential pregnancy testing, sonograms, information about pregnancy options, and community resources to empower women to make informed decisions.

Another of our local partners is Shiloh Place in McKinney, TX. Shiloh Place comes around homeless, single moms and their children by providing housing, childcare, and tuition assistance. Their goal is to help homeless single moms become financially independent and have the care, support, and encouragement they need.

Our third $22 local partner is Embrace Texas, an organization that helps churches reclaim the care for foster, adopted, and orphaned children. Their goal is to provide a loving, stable home for each child.

After receiving a check for over $32,000, the staff at Embrace Texas expressed their gratitude by saying, “This is incredible. Thank you so much. And to everybody, you might have felt like this was only $22, but every little piece of that, every little bit helps and is going to change the lives of kids in our community.”

Make an Impact Today

Make a Difference 2gether was a huge success thanks to Chase Oakers and to the partners in our local community who are impacting the lives of so many. Although we accomplished a lot together in April, there is still more work to be done throughout the year. Our partners, friends, neighbors, schools, and cities still have needs to be met beyond April.

Use your passions and gifts to get involved and make an impact in our community today! To find out how you can support our local partners, visit Chase Oaks Local Partners.

Although summer is almost here and school is almost over, we are excited to announce Chase Oaks will lg-2gether-for-kids-767be hosting SchoolZone from August 1-4 at the Family Center. We will be asking for donations for school supplies on the weekends of July 20-22 and 27-29. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more details about 2gether for Kids.