We make resolutions and set goals to transform different areas in our lives. We try to exercise more and eat healthy to transform our bodies. We try to save more and spend less to transform our bank accounts. We try to spend less time on technology and spend more time with our families to transform our relationships.

Sometimes, transformation happens unexpectedly. For the Alvaran LifeGroup, Established was a 10-week study that transformed their group in ways beyond their expectations.

Getting Connected

After moving to Texas, Jonathan and Reynet Engholm were attending Chase Oaks and looking for a LifeGroup. One Sunday, the Engholms were walking through the church’s parking lot when Reynet noticed a Jollibee windshield sunshade. The couple suspected the car’s owner was Filipino since Jollibee is a fast food restaurant in the Philippines, which is the equivalent of McDonald’s in the United States.

LifeGroupWhen he saw a couple approaching the car, Jonathan introduced himself and explained his wife was from the Philippines. By the end of the conversation, LifeGroup Co-Leaders Jimmy and Rowena Olores invited Jonathan and Reynet to their LifeGroup. Finding out they were a part of a Filipino LifeGroup, John and Reynet decided to attend one of their meetings.

Describing their first visit to the Alvaran LifeGroup, Jonathan recalled, “As soon the front door opened for the first time, we met the LifeGroup, it was just open arms.

Immediately, Jonathan and Reynet knew they had found the LifeGroup for them. When it was time for Established, a 10-week study that takes groups through the foundational elements of Christianity, no one knew how it would transform their lives, especially the Engholms.

The Established series was very, very important for so many reasons. It opened up my understanding where eachEstablished and every one of the group was coming from,” Jimmy Olores commented about the impact Established had on his group.

Being Transformed

When the group studied the chapter on baptism, many members decided they wanted to be baptized. Since many members were interested in baptism, the group made the decision to get baptized at one of their group’s sessions.

One Sunday afternoon, Legacy Campus Pastor Peter Park visited the Alvaran LifeGroup, baptizing many of its members. He was excited to be part of the group’s transformation and to see so many excited to publicly declare their faith.

transformFor the Engholms, Established was a new beginning. Reynet found growth in her relationship with God. Jonathan found himself being baptized to show how the group had changed him from the inside out. Both found a new beginning that would transform their lives.

How to Get Connected at Chase Oaks

Finding a group in which we feel comfortable can be difficult. For the Engholms, they found comfort in a Filipino LifeGroup that reminded them of home. For some of us, we might be looking for a group with members that are in the same stage of life as us. We might be looking for a group that can support us in a time of crisis. We might be looking for a diverse group where we can learn from each other’s unique experiences and perspectives.

No matter what type of group you might be looking for, we have a variety of LifeGroups at Chase Oaks. If you are looking for connection and community, use our LifeGroup Locator Tool to find a LifeGroup in your area that will meet your needs. Community is where we begin to transform our lives.

We have Established Groups launching throughout the year. Check out Established to find out when the next group in your area launches. We cannot wait to start this journey with you!