Traveling all over the place for work, Ryan Doskocil struggled with finding connection and community. As he moved from place to place, it seemed like whenever he would find a great church and connect with a great group of people, it was time to move to a new place and start the process all over again.

Eventually, Ryan found a church he could call home: Chase Oaks Church. After having the desire for a more stable life, God brought him a job opportunity in Allen, TX. He has been a Chase Oaker for a little over a year.

As a Chase Oaker, Ryan has found connection and community in his LifeGroup and has discovered great opportunities for him to make a difference in our world through mission trips. One Sunday, God placed an opportunity in front of Ryan to make a difference through loving and serving children at an orphanage.

After receiving a flyer about an upcoming mission trip to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, Ryan reached out to Chase Oaker Anita Maddox to find out more about her orphanage. The more he found out about Casa Hogar Elim, the more excited he was about traveling there to love children in unexpected ways.

For Ryan, the best part of the mission trip was finding connection and community with the people he encountered on the trip—from the children at the orphanage to the van ride with the people that served with him. He loved building relationships with the children and seeing the difference love made in their lives.

Describing his church home, Ryan said, “Being a part of the Chase Oaks community to me is you know being able to build relationships with other people, connect with them, and just walk alongside them in their walk with Christ. You know you should be able to support each other and help each other and ultimately grow closer to God.

Watch the video and get inspired by Ryan Doskocil’s willingness to love and serve others in unexpected ways!

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