The Ugly Beautiful

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | February 18, 2018

We spend our lives chasing success in our careers, in our marriages, and in our spiritual lives. Oftentimes, even when we find success, we still feel like something is missing—that there has to be more to this life. Although Solomon had extraordinary wealth, wisdom, and power, he struggled to find meaning in his successes, too.

Listen to God’s Calling

Speaker: Blake Bergstrom, Teaching Pastor | February 4, 2018

Growing up, we spend a lot of time thinking of what we want to be. We come up with our own definition of success—something we spend our lives trying to attain. But what if we looked beyond ourselves to find success and fulfillment? What if we spent our lives using our divine gifts to help [...]

Align with God’s Purpose

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | January 28, 2018

Sometimes, when we are on God’s path, life can get confusing. We feel like we are making the right decisions, but we lack clarity. When the unexpected happens, we start questioning whether we are on the right path. Just like us, Paul faced confusion as he was on a path to Jerusalem, a dangerous path [...]

Gifted to be Extraordinary

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | January 22, 2017

You are designed on purpose with a purpose in mind. So what does that mean when it comes to the thought, "I can do anything"? Join us this weekend for part three of the series, "Custom Made." It's about living more deeply into the calling that God has designed us to express, a calling that [...]

Purpose through Surrender

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | March 15, 2017

Are you still in search of your purpose? Last week we talked about how God has hand-crafted us for a very specific purpose. Are you thinking to yourself "now what is it I need to be doing to find it"?' Join us this weekend for the next chapter in a series called "Custom Made." It's [...]

A Plan and a Purpose

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | March 8, 2017

"What is my purpose in life?" It's a big question, one that easily comes up when we feel lost, when life shakes us up a little, or when we find ourselves just going through the motions of our daily activity. The good news is... there is an answer! Join us this weekend as we start [...]

Step Into the Unknown

Speaker: Greg Holmes, Communications Pastor | January 1, 2017

If you could capture one moment of your life, what would it be? Would it be a moment of regret that you would do different, or perhaps a moment of victory? Life’s full of choices, and God created us with the power to choose. Join us this weekend, as we enter a new year, and [...]

A Unique Gift for a Unique Purpose

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | February 7, 2016

“I can do anything if I just try hard enough.” Sound familiar? Do you recite this to yourself when things get rough? Is there someone close to you who uses this phrase when trying to motivate you? Do you ever feel like the “anything” you’ve chosen takes an inordinate amount of effort and doesn’t quite [...]

Our Best Yes

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | January 17, 2016

What matters most to you? What comes first in your life? Are the answers the same? If not, what’s getting in the way? Join Jeff Jones this weekend as he takes on Week Two of the series “Simplify.” It’s about making sure that we aren’t simply filling our lives with lots of good things, but [...]