Live to Give

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | February 16, 2019

In a consumption-driven culture, it is easy to get caught up in planning our finances around our next big purchase like a brand-new car or a kitchen renovation. But what if we planned our finances around generosity? Rather than making a list of what we want, what if we made a list of what others [...]

Generosity Boost

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | June 16, 2018

In our consumer-driven culture, we are surrounded by messages that encourage us to spend our money on expensive goods to make us happy. But as we take a closer look at our culture, we find money does not always bring happiness. Rather, we can find true happiness and joy in a generosity-driven lifestyle. How many [...]

Selfless Love

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | July 1, 2017

In a world of upward mobility, where we often focus on self-interest and strive to move up the ladder of position in life, God gives us a challenge. Rather than being preoccupied with climbing up the ladder, we are to be focused on climbing down the ladder to give others a boost up, just like [...]

Let’s Make a Deal

Speaker: Dan Martin, Sloan Creek Campus Pastor | October 29, 2016

We have talked about everything from cutting off limbs to destroying temples in this "Wait... What?" sermon series. Don't miss out this weekend as Sloan Creek Campus Pastor Dan Martin wraps it all up! Let's find out how Jesus answers the question, "What must I do to inherit eternal life?"

The Joy of Generosity

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | February 13, 2016

Do you need a new TV? Is your phone’s first birthday a sign you should “switch it out”? Have you ever thought to yourself “if they can afford a new car, surely I can too”? Does it feel like you are living in a consumption-driven culture and in constant need of keeping up? Join Jeff [...]