A Calm Resolve

Speaker: Ryan Leak, Teaching Pastor | July 4, 2020

In this uncertain season, it can be hard to find relief and rest from worries and troubles. But, Psalm 62 tells us that we can find rest in God alone through trust. Join us online this week as we finish out our Songs of Summer series and learn how to find God’s strength as we [...]

Fight Worry With Trust

Speaker: Jeff Jones, Senior Pastor | March 14, 2020

Today’s world seems to be spiraling out of control as we hear about the increasing spread of the coronavirus and the possibility of a global economic crisis. Consumed by worry and anxiety, people are in a panic, afraid of what will happen next. Rather than worrying about the future, we need to come together to [...]


Speaker: Dr. Gene Getz, Chase Oaks Founding Pastor | August 3, 2019

Depression affects our mental, physical, and spiritual health. It can make it hard for us to get out of bed and connect with our family and friends. Depression steals our joy and holds us back from moving forward. But we are not alone in our depression. A great prophet, Elijah, did amazing things with and [...]


Speaker: Cindy Park, Guest Speaker | July 20, 2019

The shame that we carry within us from our past keeps us from moving forward in our lives. Shame makes us believe lies about ourselves—that we are unlovable and unworthy. It makes us afraid of being vulnerable with the people around us because we are afraid of exposing our flaws and failures. But Jesus wants [...]


Speaker: Igor Gerritsen, Guest Speaker | July 13, 2019

Anxiety keeps us up at night. It paralyzes us, focusing our attention on the difficulties in our present and the unknowns in our future. Anxiety keeps us from moving forward into the life God has for us—a life of joy and freedom. Rather than being stuck in our anxiety, God wants to free us as [...]

The Secret

Speaker: Greg Holmes, Communications Pastor | August 4, 2018

When our lives are going well, it is easy to experience peace, joy, and contentment. However, when life gets difficult, when we have to face an unexpected struggle, most of us experience anxiety, worry, and stress. Joy and peace seem to be out of our reach. But what if there was a way for us [...]

From Anxiety to Trust

Speaker: Brad Carr, Guest Speaker | July 23, 2016

Are you struggling with anxiety? Do you lay awake at night, worried about tomorrow? Join us this weekend as Guest Speaker Brad Carr returns for Week 2 of our “Momentum” series, where he will discuss moving from “Anxiety to Trust.”